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I never wondered where I would be,walking the routes laid for me.
Soaking up the information torrented and imported too my mental store.
Scribbling and noting the starred icons of gold
Tested by self and civilities quests learning too walk and examinations at school
I grow day by day despite of it all taller, wiser and stronger than most.

With contorted features and boggly eye
I stride towards the future with sparkle in my eye
Taking on challenges in every stride
Man made or natural they fall by the side
From strength too strength I charge at light speed
Not dragging my feet with depressive need

With surgeon’s knife and medical aide
My contorted expressions change on my face
Battered and bruised inside and out
I clatter on regardless free of doubt
Knocking me down with your verbilisations or physical charge
Enpowers my nature leading the charge

Through the halls of education and employment i advance
Striking at chances with two strong hands
From home town too deserts I have traveled with joy
Been stacking shelves and throwing bombs
I have love for this planet and the people within
Because of my personality and power within

Too all who have wavered and set road blocks for me
Thanks for the challanges and tasks set by thee
They strengthen my resolve Enpowers my will
They keep me above you with my comfort and skill
I come out at the end complete and bitter free
What have your choices left deep for thee

In reflections repost I praise and idolise
The poor fearful society that tried to repress me
They failed in thier tasks enbittered thier hearts
And most of all lost thier god given right
Bullies and tormentors never do win
If with belief in your self and strong mind,will and heart.

To all in the world down trodden and scared
Stand strong for your future and belief there in
Follow your path cut new routes of your own
Listen and learn avoiding the falls
Thiers only one thing that matters in your own worldly place
Doing your best with love,passion and grace


Lighter than air
Tethered to hope
flimsy , brittle dreams
Condemned to drift
Lashed and tied
To aspirations laces
Dare we grab hold
Grasping tight
Too drive forward
Amplifying achievements joy
Too rise above the soulless achievers
The condemners of virtues rising


Found deep in the belly
Of the souls of mortals
The determination and fight
to defeat any adverce difficulty
From simple day to day issues too
life changing choices

Filled with fire, hope and dreams
There is no control of the contemplations of the soul
Devouring all the putrid and festering poisons life throughs at us
Dedeating beasts and foes that challange and impeach us

With sword of honesty and truth
We traverse down our winding path in the direction of our dreams
Unswithering, self demanding , production of optimum abilty
We push and pull our lifestyle in the directions needed to obtain
Our ultimate goal and target devine

To those that doubt or hate what our endevours , energy and drive allow us to acheive
This life warrior through stress, pain, depression and challanges
With sword strongly drawn will champion and defeat all in its path

We are warriors true
Beleagered humans
Champions of darkness
Providers of peace
Committed to our cause
and unswithering on the path of life