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Posted: August 5, 2016 in Random
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Pewring through the murk

Shady figures and outlines

Befall my receptors

Clouding judgement and thought

Simplistic tasks become arduous 

Mind seem like hours 

Hours likened to days

Nerves shot senses scrambled

As the shifting plates 

Of skeletal bone

Slide and shift

I feel and see the haze 

Continual and ensnared

Oh where is the light

I dread failing
I strive to be the best I can
I fear you make the mistakes I did
I teach you right from wrong
Learned through the year
By being strong enough too take the chances
I lead by example
Scattering crumbs for you too follow
Neon and bright heavy enough to stay put
I fear you are blind too my help
I cringe to think I am not good enough
I take the blame for all indiscretions
Because the ones that should are not strong enough
I fear nothing that happens to me or is brought to my door
Looking into your eyes lost and searching
Answering every call at break neck speed
To save you everytime you fall
I am that punchbag for all your hate and pain
I fear you will fall and I can’t catch you
My only fear is leaving you Un prepared and naked
Too the devilishness of humanity
And not being thier to pull you through
Don’t live in my fear please fly free
Be the best you can be
Without me beside you grow fast learn hard
Never fear I will always love you and be thier for you

Yes I am alive
The mirky grey consumes
The crimson ache illuminates
Solitude in the throngs around
Indemnity against humanity
Fog mists the brain
Eyes sullen with crimson flashes
Deprived of sleep
Restless against the norm
Walking on glass no confirmation
Stomach twisted and tight
Hunched and screaming
Silent utterances aloud to the masses

These are my demons carried Dailly
Without notification
Others bewildered and annoyed
Forming stories and opinions
Never knowing the truth
Ideals conception less
Against my being
Understanding lacking from most
Those in the know assist
Allowing for visual conditions
But the mind is alone in the battle
Cloaked by medical evils
Numbed by the concoctions of drugs
Demons party in my frame
United against my existence
These are mine they ate me
But this warrior survives and exists
To the fullest of ability
Dumbfounding the so called experts

We the afflicted rise
Emblazen trails for others
Drawn weapons strength of mind
The battles won Dailly
During this autrition of war

Bugles fanfare sounds
Eyes struggle too open
Leaping out of bed
Pulling the duvet over my shoulders
Planting feet firmly on the floor
Burrowing into my downy pillow soft
Stretching up to the sky
Slumber welcomes me once more
Sinues awaken and energised
Dream state envigours and warms
Washed,spruced and ready
Dragging me willingly away from here
Out the door and on my way
Too my solitude and peace
Dailly tasks gladly dispatched
Fishing and scenery my prize
To live forefilled and free
Escapism and calmness
I am what I strive to be
I shudder to think of realities needs
This life is for living 100%
I hide away from all


Follow the tempo
Feeling free
Dreams of gold
You and me
Places visited
Times of fun
People lost
And love on the run
Sunshine and storm
Brightest of light
Darkest of night
Achieving the best
Fighting the fears
Falling down holes
Rasing the flags
Follow your dreams
Make it a class
Faster than sound
Hit the ground running
And reach for the stars

Light breaks dark

Posted: July 11, 2015 in Random
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Light breaks the dark
Heart races
Mind constructs imagery
Wits heighten
Imagination runs a mock
What awaits
What hastens our way
Is it for us
Dread takes over
Heart pounds


The wonders of Blogging are amazing so many new friends and like-minded people. Some of us only speak through our blogs other I have had the great fortune to talk too by Skype or phone. There are a few whom I have spent physical time with which was and is awesome. Considering the stretch of the planet we all cover.
My poetry and writing have improved and I really enjoy the whole process. From a trigger to conception of the peace and publishing . Those that know me well will tell you I am a confidant person that is personable and helpful.
So here it is It was suggested that I put my poems in publication which stunned the socks off me. Then today I was asked if I would ever put my story on to paper and publish it so that others may benefit from my abilities and see how things can be turned round.
For this hard-working Scotsman father,husband,trainer,carer,friend,writer,reader,socialite,inspirer and liver of life. It is the most daunting thing ever, how do you choose what pieces too use ?, how do you start putting this information down, would people read it?,what do people want?, who would be offended?,can I do this?, how do I find publishers? And How do I start ? !!!.
I sought advice from a few friends and they all said go for it !!! And I am still struggling to pick,put down and collate.
This publication  will get their and it will be as good as it can be.
Don’t let anything put you off step up be counted and give it 100%.

I will need assistance and prompting from time to time and ideas on the poetry too use would be awesome !!


Longing and dreams
Filling my head
Skimming the waters of life
Thinly  sandwiched
Between the depth of dispare
And the darkness of the unknown
No vein of light
To shatter the Dark foreboding
Spread out before me
Trapped deep
Grasped tightly by fears
Two steps forward
Fifty back
This mountain so high
Clambering for the light


Tainted armoured flesh
Embellished by depravities sinues
Sullen expressionless fasade
Non greeting, lacking empathy
Strength exudes powers glare
Thwarting plans of enemies found
What is at the core of this beast
Tiny diminutive frame
Of societies weakest personage
Furthest from the Knights realm
Full of heart , care and fight
Stronger than an Ox
But timid and shy like a sheep
He returns too his shaded corner
And dips his head with rounded shoulders
Meek and quiet once more
Reverting to stereo types form


     Lost in dreams far from reality
Safety and peacefulness in abundance
Sanaty’s fail safe against turmoils
Huddled alone in the darkness
No hero to physically save us
Struggling to empower heart’s truth
To continue the fight for freedom
Reality bites hard endeavouring to mar
And drag us into dispare realm
Sail free in dreams and release self
Trust in self and achieve
Physically seak assistance
Never fear telling your story
As others out there suffer the same
In deafening silence too