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Longing and dreams
Filling my head
Skimming the waters of life
Thinly  sandwiched
Between the depth of dispare
And the darkness of the unknown
No vein of light
To shatter the Dark foreboding
Spread out before me
Trapped deep
Grasped tightly by fears
Two steps forward
Fifty back
This mountain so high
Clambering for the light



The fealings drawn from deep within pulling the the emotions too and froe. Drawing from experiences gathered over many years.He endeavours to rise and continue with his daily life,despite his emotive less form. Many days off longing and empty visions have filled his head since her passing. His heart heavy and sluggish still beats within despite himself.
Twenty four years together as husband and wife many travels and great memories but the physical loss is weighing heavily on his soul. Defined as a couple since high school he is struggling through the mire off his grief.
His princess taken at such a young age in a cruel and unexpected fashion. No investigations or questions answered seems the world has just forgotten her entire existence all together. How can such a bright guiding light be dimmed and extinguished so easily without an explination or reason. This battle rages through his mind without a light too guide. Just like a traveler lost on a dark dingy path in unknown territories far from safety with only thier wits and determination too guide them.
Who in his world can now light his path, not even his faith in god himself seems to assist his journey. Dimmer and more lost emotionaly than ever before words just bounce off him none sinking in , no actual consolment or closure insight for this desperate chapter.
In his darkness he prepares his breakfast and readies himself. Consuming his carboard like provisions and wearing his dowdy attire he heads out the door. Head dipped no eye contact made with any soul and the cracks in the pavement they seem caslm like each stride for survival seeming longer than ever before.
The consept off life itself is struggling to surface any joy or fluidity within his mental state. People stop to pass the time of day and see how he is but he is deaf and blind too it all. Standing on the edge off the cliffs of dispare he teeters one stumble and his life metamorphically speaking stops all existence his last breath will be drawn.

The darkness has taken him or is it just normallities excuse to avoid dealing with this situation. Who knows , Who will help and when will clarity appear.