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Conseptions of what lies ahead
Dark blankets cover the sky
Coating surroundings
With a veil of gloomy charcoal grey
Distant glimmers of silvery blue
Enticing us forward into the unknown
  Striding forward head held high
  Ready to face turmoils as they go by
  Indifferant and thoughtless
  Towards opinions and provications
  One step at a time
  Onward to goals personalised and set
  Charging towards a brighter day

Deseptors dispare at indifferance
Challangers fall by the wayside
Hurdles are lept as if insicnificant
Smiles adorn those faces you meet
This is how a survivor cruises through
Indavidualy or partnerd on the journey
Time and consistancy promote this behaviour
Realism,self worth and contemptability
This journey is life and it is for living
The indavidual is awesome despite it all


In life there are many chalanges that we face. From simple choices to coping with Stress,Disability,Pain,Bullies,Depression and many more.

  How to cope with these and make informed educated choices is a huge and complex task for many. There is no hand book or set of rules,but many experts and contradicting advice.
   With over 30+ years experience coping with differrent conditions,situations and other challanges. I have formulated my own way of dealing with and sorting through these.

1) Who am I
2) What can I do
3) Where do I want too go
4) What do I want from life

These are 4 of the main things I think are important. Without knowing these and having confidance dealing with the rest is a submountable task.

Every indavidual is different and has personal,social and indapendant issues.
  Knowing where you fit in the scape of life and how to grow within yourself.
  Stress is a major factor in life in many situations but the right advice,knowledge and ability to use it is imperative.

How to find the right advice:
1) Read as much as you can
2) Ask as many questions as possible
3) Find as many Sources as you can
4) Take notes you feel are relevant to you
5) Formulate a suitable action plan
6) Form a support network of friends,like minded people and specialists

Using all of the above is hard tp start with as is any strange or knew skill. But with the practice of every senario over time it becomes second nature and a new lifestyle ABILITY.
  The same processes can be used for every situation and then make life choices easier to formulate.

I find it hard to see myself as others do always have. But because I have been accepted by many and get praise and good feed back from most. I have never made it an issue, and asking questiobs or being told how they came to there conclusions has helped desipher this conundrum for me.
   And yes I may seem to put myself down but I realise that I am not how I see myself. And the opinions of others are a review on my life journey and a report on my Promotion of my abilities.
  The bad press and reporting of some does not matter as I strive to stay in the good press with the ability to accept,modify,grow and have self belief.

Life is what you make it , Be driven and confidant , you will make mistakes but learn ,change ,adapt make your improvements.

         It Does Work it Just Takes Time