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On my thrown in my place
I pervey all around
From the smallest insignificance
To the mightiest and most valuable
Passing on my virtues
And advising the unaware
Am I meek and quiet
Or do I rule with iron rod
I am self and strong
My land before me lies
Free and non descriptive
Pleasure and pain combine
All the same in every aspect
Protected by virtues rule
Domain of the free and alive

Talking too self

Posted: September 27, 2014 in Random
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Farewell dear friend
Life blood now drained
Enevitable end has come
Demorilised and beaten hard
Your breath heavy and drawn
Freedom has escaped
Carrying true self onward
Better days ahead
Sunshine and peace envelope
The darkness you once drowned in
Vanished from sight never returning
Strength has grown over time
Scattering devolved soul skyward
At last the life meant for living arrives
Torments shackles smashed
Thrown free and clear from life
Sunshine graces every step forward
From now on scoff those that dare
My inpenitratable armour is true
I am and always will be
From this day on the best I can be
Salvations power drives my fate