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From the valley
Enriched and alive
We stronger than ever arise
Greater than before
Ritchie because of darkness
Elevated to higher ground
Always looking and listening
Tantalising society
Manafesting or future
Envocing emotional ploys
Never decending back too darkness

Yeah that’s right
You forced me too the ground
Raised my head
Took a breath
And stared you in the eyes
With fortitude and strength of mind
I raised my body up
With the support of limbs
And heart of steel
I defeated you once again

Dance with self

Posted: December 23, 2015 in Random
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Cavort with the soul
Dance with your ego
Live as yourself
Contempt of lives
Means too an end
Forging alliances with self
Shelved emotions
Parted with at the door
Until your departure
Then conformation of likeness
Too societies acceptance
Praise the brave
Who singularly are themselves
Despite the preasures
From exterior forces surrounding them


Many of my friends may not realise I write Poetry !!!! , I have for many years on WordPress . It is now time I feel to show you all my work. As often as possible you will see works appear on your time line. Feel free to read share and comment. If with the power of word I can inspire,assist,aide,sooth or enlighten one persons day then the goal is achieved.
For those already aware of my writings I thank you for starting me off and supporting my journey of spreading my words across the globe and friendships new and fresh that have been and yet too be built.


Lighter than air
Tethered to hope
flimsy , brittle dreams
Condemned to drift
Lashed and tied
To aspirations laces
Dare we grab hold
Grasping tight
Too drive forward
Amplifying achievements joy
Too rise above the soulless achievers
The condemners of virtues rising


Stare into the sole
Deep and completely
Draw from the depths
The contentment and truth
Indelibly imprint the glory
Bannish the demons
Harrang and displace
The putrid stench of past
Raise up and live
Be completely self
Defy the odds and raise standards
Be who you were intended to be
Live free and guide with light


Awakening the terror
Deep within lurks
Raising from the depths
Firey embers molten hot
Cascading through veins
Heart rate coursing
Abilities sharp and taught
Tasks dispatched in fleating blur
Life careering within control
Tormentors  beware
This sleeping giant


Embattled and scarred
Etched on my flesh
Medals of honour I wear
Beauty personified
Empowered by inflicted truth
Badges of pride
Not objects too fear
Stories enriched and carried
Gazes of disgust
Deflected by self awareness
Knowing of truths of past descretions
Knowledge gained
Nature and acceptance complete
Others sanctamony can not penitrate
This embelished armour so strong
This is my social acceptance
Placed in plain view
Nobodies opinionated slander required
Miss informed and twisted
By indavidual inheritances of sociality

Standing strong

Posted: August 12, 2014 in Random
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Against all odds
Storms and battles raged
Like magestic pillars
Stretching too the light
Hungar and strength
Power determinations
Keeping us true
Guiding on rocky paths
Vitues hand
Assists the venture
Through all
With heads held high
Standing proud and strong
Despite it all


Found deep in the belly
Of the souls of mortals
The determination and fight
to defeat any adverce difficulty
From simple day to day issues too
life changing choices

Filled with fire, hope and dreams
There is no control of the contemplations of the soul
Devouring all the putrid and festering poisons life throughs at us
Dedeating beasts and foes that challange and impeach us

With sword of honesty and truth
We traverse down our winding path in the direction of our dreams
Unswithering, self demanding , production of optimum abilty
We push and pull our lifestyle in the directions needed to obtain
Our ultimate goal and target devine

To those that doubt or hate what our endevours , energy and drive allow us to acheive
This life warrior through stress, pain, depression and challanges
With sword strongly drawn will champion and defeat all in its path

We are warriors true
Beleagered humans
Champions of darkness
Providers of peace
Committed to our cause
and unswithering on the path of life