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Hazey  glazed optics

Electrified tingling nerves

Mental mist Clouding judgement

Depressive pain pushing down

Step by step muscles scream

Sinues shredded beyond repair

Medical endused palitive being 

Shopping done kids at play

Weapons drawn on a sunny day

Onwards and upwards the battle cry

Smile on my face song in my heart

This pain is defeated till morning light

Determined and willful onward strides

Warrior not victim the lion inside

Break down the walls flood the area with light

Don’t be disparaged get up and fight


I miss you
Where did you go
Lost and alone
I stumble and trip
Fallen I lie still

My guide where are you
The love it hangs
Undying and caged
No key to be found
Not even by me

Where ever you are
I pray you are safe
Growing ever stronger
In time and space
Surrounded by friends
Family close

To think of you lonely
Breaks my heart string
My dearly departed
Partner and friend
I love you forever
You’re in my thoughts
Too the end

Our truth and compassion
Still illuminate your space
Lighting my path
And keeping me safe
My shoulder to cry on
The clown in my life
The inspirations
For striving and doing my best

I see you in day light
I smell you around
In each beautiful flower
And blossoms abound


As we grow we conceptualise
Our needs and wants through our eyes
Pitting them against our visalisations
Selectiveness prevails against nature
Our core beleif of what we seek
That kind hearted person,personality sweet
Loving,careing,inteligant,funny and neat
Ticking the boxes sub concious feat
Sole mates,friends love of our lives
Partners for ever giving us drive
Consoling in sadness,providers of joy
Determind nature whether Girl or boy
Approvals of other not needed or saught
Confidance of soul and acceptance of heart
Chosen for reasons deep and so true
Deliberations and points of view
Get thrown out the window
Because I choose you


Posted: September 8, 2014 in Random
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                   Gazing into the eyes
          Of this unrecognisable person

                   Scarred and Bruised
         By aflixctions born not aquired

           Unreconizable against self
       Internal image confused by form

                  Confidances twisted
        By dailly contoversy and abuse

                       Arms stronger
           Outstretched and grasping

                        From this entity
     Pulling both self and image as one

                Power and satisfaction
        Cource freely through this flesh

            Enpowered and stimulated
       Strides forward made with pride

                           This is me
     I am what I see and this makes me

                Haters and doubters
         Wallow in your putrid fears

          Entrapped by Inadiquant
   Doubts of egotistical Socialisms

                 The Cover doesnt
           The book or story make

           Jugmentalism fails you
Reflectiveness empowers and elevates


Wizzing and darting
Cerebral matter scattered
Cortexual nerves twitching and vibrating
Choices and plans cavort
Times, dates simultaneously dance
Selections of pictured senarios
Brain in overdrive
Tingle of electrical impulse
Goosbumps and hairs raised
What,where,how and when
Clarity falls with pinpoint accuracy
Actions of definition occur
Bull by the horns know run with it