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By lights Guide

Rays kiss the earth
Waking stasis’s sleepy nature
Invigorating and enriching life
Sparking the freshness that welcomes all
Embellishing  the sky’s
With its pink hew
Birds strike up their song
And light glints through window pains
Up and at them it SHOUTS
Life is new day has dawned
I will warm you
Driving away cold and despair
With its collective joys
Grasp the day seize chances
By the guide of the light for all

Bah humbug

Posted: December 25, 2015 in Random
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Ho Ho Ho Ho
BAH humbug
Mumbling words of gripe
Tierd slumber filled footsteps
Hunched back
Saggey eyed they search
For energies hidden
Devoid of emotion
The parents toil
Cookery , tidying and tending
The joy of the day
Consumed by the children
Another year passed
And no relaxation in sight
Merry Xmas too one and all

Peer through the haze
Wipe the sleep from your eyes
Pull back the curtains
With sparkle in your eyes

See not dark dim days
But opportunities coming your way
Stir your cup evigourate life
Fuel yourself for the day ahead

Set foot out the door
Welcome the light
Make purposeful strides on your way
Purchase your papers
With a joyful hello

Spring in the steps
A song in your head
Life ouzes freely from deep inside
Sunlight breaks
Darkness scuttles away

Here comes our brighter day
Tasks fall completed
Appointments and meetings
Fly effortlessly by
Twinkle in your eyes
With strength of pose

Soon to be homeward bound
Work is done no loose ends
Spritefully jaunting down the road
Chatting and sharing as we pass the time
Too our safety and comfort of home we bound
Racing the darkness as night cases on

In cosy comfort we lavish self
Warm welcoming cuppa
Oven warming our culinary  fare
Heating at steady lights set too dim
The crackle of logs and embers ablaze

Peace hath decended
Relaxation acheived
A good book and music
Cleansing the soul
Racing towards slumber
Duvet snuggles of love
Fights with our pillows
Never to be won


Morning glow breaks
Crunch of Crispness
Softens as illumination grows
Slurps heard loud
As civilisation awakens
Dailey tasks undertaken
Mother nature  invigorated
Blossoms smile and rivers flow
Creatures scury and hary
Life cascades fresh and new
Life anew and clear thrives
For this is morning
The beginnings of a new day


Posted: July 3, 2014 in Random
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                     The shadows fall
                With deafening silence
                    Darkness chases
              Idaviduals procastonate
                 The meek play dead
                 Asleep in downy pits
          Awaiting the life giving glimmer
                 Fare well lunar fear
      Chased by solar pleasured warmth

Rat Race

Posted: June 24, 2014 in Random
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Chasing our tales
Scurrying to and frow
Rushing and scampering
Constant shifting and correction
Life at lightspeed
Confusion reigns supreme
Neglagance and contempt for others
Mistakes rain down
Gulping for lifes breath
Rest non conformist
Busier than natures intention
Regurgitation of lives instruction
Depraved of self
Conseptual existances
Must go now,must be faster
Busy lizzy makes dizzy
No time to hault take stock
Gotta go. ….

When will we stop !!!


Posted: May 22, 2014 in Random
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How time flies
Where does it go
A law unto itself
No entrapments to snare
Race against it who will dare

floating along
With its tick Tok rythme
Etching its beating
Into the fabric of life
Heart beat of days
Stealer of slumber
How much magic
Is held by its number

Perpetualy moving
Gracefully slipping by
Intrepid clock watchers
Must do or die
Idialistic dreamers
With pearils they play
Watching as time slips by

Use your rythme
Productive with time
Consuming lifes substance
Producing artistic preasure
Deadlines and timetables
Laid to the sword
Time even controls
The spoken word