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A mere pawn in life
Shifted by fates hand
Good and evils sway on virtue
Sliding across the checkered path
Life dances on regardless
As the transponder signals guide
Chosen path and pitfalls
Caressed by thier hand
Light and dark in equal measure
Our fate decided by choices
Pre determined at birth
Stitched into our DNA

Seeds sown

Posted: May 24, 2015 in Random
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Growing strong from the seeds of life
Stretching towards enlightenment
Tendrils and branches reaching out
Nourishing and consuming
From all that surrounds
Tree like we envelope our habitat
Growing stronger and taller
Fueled by knowledge and nourishment
Synthesis of individuality and self
Awareness and growth consumes
Tasks and toils under taken and seeds sown
New life spawns from our own seeds
Polinated by nature’s selection
The tree of life grows through us
Continual and chronologically sound