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I miss you
Where did you go
Lost and alone
I stumble and trip
Fallen I lie still

My guide where are you
The love it hangs
Undying and caged
No key to be found
Not even by me

Where ever you are
I pray you are safe
Growing ever stronger
In time and space
Surrounded by friends
Family close

To think of you lonely
Breaks my heart string
My dearly departed
Partner and friend
I love you forever
You’re in my thoughts
Too the end

Our truth and compassion
Still illuminate your space
Lighting my path
And keeping me safe
My shoulder to cry on
The clown in my life
The inspirations
For striving and doing my best

I see you in day light
I smell you around
In each beautiful flower
And blossoms abound


What would you do if you had the chance !
Go for a run a meal or a dance
Wait for a chance or Grab with both hands
Follow the crowd or take your own path

I make my chances
I take my own path
Leading the way
Despite what they say

Do as they do or select the right way
Cower to preasure or stand proud your way
take up lifes challanges and win the day
Or hide in the corner with nothing to say

I make my chances
I take my own path
Leading the way
Despite what they say

Be indavidual is what I say
Free from shackles that fall your way
Proud to be you who every that may be
What ever your choices thats your life to lead
No mater you race,sexuality,religion or need

    Lead from the front in a heart beat.

     ( The tools I have used to cope)

Being a target for any sort of bullying or torment isnt easy. No matter if it is physical , mental or phsycological, face to face , verbal or using social media.
  I plumits you into a deep dark abyss that doesnt seem to have a way out. And those around you never seem to know or realise what is going on. Being beleived and helped always feels unatainable and distant.
    Some of us suffer from severe dipression,self confidance issues , social inadiquacy , mental and physical disorders to name but a few. Because of these imbasilic , preditors of low and minor inteligance , without emotional attachment or knowledge/understanding.

    I know that it is never easy to be who you are after bullies have stripped you down. And they keep the preasure up day in day out , minute after minute , hour after hour. How do we push back !! ?, How do we walk with our heads held high !!!? And How do we fulfill what we should be !!!?

  I can only answer this from my own experiences and knowledge. But I hope that somewhere in this there is something that can help or trigger something.
     As some may have read in “Bullies Why Me” I started to roughly talk about what I used.
    Humour :  As I got older and wiser this became my sharpest weapon. Vast array of depth from real dark to very light humour. And it strips bullies of there peircing weapons.
    Poker Faced : This is an armoured mask of emotion that also shoits them down. They expect tears,dipped heads , sad eyes ect.
  My poker face was a laughing , smiling and animated mask which totally took the majority by suprise.
  Mental Strength: Firstly to realise it isnt your fault !!!!! , Then to understand your body, speach and reasons for your differance.( to the best of your ability) this granted normally comes later in life.
  Physical strength : Broad shoulder to take the strain,Strong back to support the weight,Strong legs to push you along.
  Backed up by fast hands and feet to defend yourself against those thats words arent strong enough.
( last resort in most cases )

Always find a good friend or organisation to talk to and vent all the frustrations with or too. A mental,physical and visual hobbie to ease the effects of these situations. And never ever be scared to write or talk about what is happening. This is the box that carries your first aid kit . And keeps everything in perspective,ut us never to early or too late to do any of these.


Why do people give different areas of the human race grief. From school to old age the people who are different or not normal are ridiculed.
You could be in a wheelchair or autistic have a facial disfigurement or speech problem. And society has it bred into it that poking fun and making people’s life miserable.
I have suffered first hand at these twisted people and still do on occasion.

Yes I look different,my facial features are different and I have a lot of scars on my face.
I know now some of my bullies really well.And some have imparted why they were bullies and why I was a victim.

A lot of the problems comes from not knowing what to do or say. The education to understand what is said about the problem.
And the compassion and patience to understand the situation surrounding the behaviours and outbursts.
predominant fear of the unknown and the social in bread acceptance that bullying happens. And conceptive stupidity that they can break these victims and play them like a game.

The above is true most bullied people mental,physical or psychological. I personally know it oh too well from 4-14 I wore that mask well.
Tools needed to escape the spiral, wicked sence of humour,an outlet to vent frustration, strong will and determination with thick skin and fortitude.
On many occasions I would used witty retorts and jokes. Turn rounds and knowledge to twist there taunts to my favour. Mental strength to take on what has been said but control it and use it for your own advantage.
None of these things are easy I know many years of practice got me to where I am today. Many tears,hurt,fear and turmoil went my way. But I am here and living proof that it can work,bullies can be beaten and you can still be the best you can be !!.
School was definatley the worst time as kids are cruel. Then I joined the Armed Forces yup set myself up for even more hard times.
The strength gained from my early years drove me to my passing out parade and 10+ years of service.

Dont be scared to talk to adults about what is going on. Please don’t let their uneducated words break your will. Hold your head up high and fight for your space on the path . You have as much right if not more to walk this path and succeed than anyone .