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Yeah that’s right
You forced me too the ground
Raised my head
Took a breath
And stared you in the eyes
With fortitude and strength of mind
I raised my body up
With the support of limbs
And heart of steel
I defeated you once again


The mindless uncontrolled
Contortions to the systematic
Sub consciousness despite self
Racked and twisted contusions
Reverberating through internality
Scrambling processes and mobility
Dulled by chemical maskings
Produced by conglomerits world wide
Treatments and potions tested
Benevolence to inner chemical chains
Procrastination of healing endeavours
Vague promises of normal it is return
Silent Dailly terrorist attacks on being
Transmitted under unrecognisable frequencies
Deliverance slow and mundane
Glares fro misunderstanding society
Self clambering for acceptances understanding
No sympathy required by this soul
Provocation of determinations drive
Long term suffering interrupts lifestyle concepts
Live despite it all driven
Propelling forward at own pace
Indiscriminate and Un selected
Life’s journeys in forced rests
Conditions and ailments survived
Coping and destructions bared
Targets reached and improvicated
Be self aware challenge often set boundaries
This is living without request


Posted: July 31, 2014 in Random
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Beleiving in self
Powerful emitting ability
Projecting goals ahead
Already won and received
Within mental state
No one better,stronger or deserving
Doubters power the engine
Feeding the hunger to acheive
I am the best at who I am
There is nothing I can do
No mountain to high
No vally too deep
There is no struggle great enough
To slow or stop
Keep out my way
I am acheiving all the way
Be with me or keep clear
I will not carry ill will
Only sunshine and happiness
Omitted from my heals
Adversity is only a word
Ability and determination
Are the master keys
Too every door infront of me
I will not wait or dally
But take the time I require
And receive my prize with joy


Deep in the noise of silence
Alone with thoughts and ideas
Fighting countless depressives
Bound by and breacking shackles of fate
Inconsistent and dwelling emotives
Languishing  soul in its sadistic lustfulness

Where to transport the idealism
Fueling transmitive apearances
Proppeling futuristic emotions and
Clarity of processive thought
Controled opperative action similies
Dragging the light back to this surviver
Enriching and transfoming listfull acts
Once again rapturious enablism returns

Power to the indavidual
That is self, shattered manikles
Lie strewn beneath my feet
Arisen and free growing stronger
Only through thy dispares and trials
Can the pure strength or realism flourish
Envelope the pain and dispares tortures
Converted now drives determination to succeed
I am self, self is true couragious journies her I come
Full  of fire and stealy conviction

I am alive,I wil thrive despite others convictions and actions