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From the valley
Enriched and alive
We stronger than ever arise
Greater than before
Ritchie because of darkness
Elevated to higher ground
Always looking and listening
Tantalising society
Manafesting or future
Envocing emotional ploys
Never decending back too darkness


Day dawns fresh and clear
Clouds dance in air light and free
New ideas germinate
Drawing strength from nutrients
Hidden deep beneath the earth
Taking shape and reaching up
Driven by hunger
Full of desire
Flung into action by you and I
First steps of many
One after the other
Striking down paths invisibly set
These are the wishes and hopes of fate
Waiting patiently at the gates
Grasp them strong and hold them tight
Lets combine lives and take golden flight


Thread bare cloths
Teaseld hair
Calassed feet
No shoes too wear
Cuts and abrasions
Cover my skin

Deafening noise
As bobbins flash
Clickity clack
As it passes by
Whir of wheels
Grind of gears
anticipation feeding fears

In I dash
To the darkened midst
Replace the shuttle
Spread the threads
Dash back out
No time to waste
Death awaits if you hesitate

The bobbin boys/girl
Work night and day
Stoor and mirk
Dimness of light
Education dealt on site
Family’s whole work each day
Producing wears for other too bare


Conseptions of what lies ahead
Dark blankets cover the sky
Coating surroundings
With a veil of gloomy charcoal grey
Distant glimmers of silvery blue
Enticing us forward into the unknown
  Striding forward head held high
  Ready to face turmoils as they go by
  Indifferant and thoughtless
  Towards opinions and provications
  One step at a time
  Onward to goals personalised and set
  Charging towards a brighter day

Deseptors dispare at indifferance
Challangers fall by the wayside
Hurdles are lept as if insicnificant
Smiles adorn those faces you meet
This is how a survivor cruises through
Indavidualy or partnerd on the journey
Time and consistancy promote this behaviour
Realism,self worth and contemptability
This journey is life and it is for living
The indavidual is awesome despite it all

  ( A follow up too Proud to be who I am)

        ( The Scots Guards on Parade)

I know how hard it is to be bullied and be made fun of all to well. Personally it made school hard as hell,from Primary (junior) school to University. Having everyone including your peer group on your back day in day out. Kids on your street,block or estate harang your every movement.
  Did I hide in a corner or skulk in shadows !! . No I did not, I done the hardest thing I could have choosen too do. I stood upto the bullies and sooth sayers. Not by violance at first but by using my wit,inteligance and speed of thought. Turning round or manipulating there own words or position, A verbal Karate,Ikido or judo if you like.
  This is by no means easy although once you start you dont realise at the time how hard it is. As I am only seeing know how strong I must have been to attempt this.
  It is not cheek,stupid remarks or idiotic behaviour that you use, it is how ever jokes(about youself) aswell as them,word games,inteligance about the situation and grit and determination.
   Disarming or even nutralising there point of view making others laugh and without realising changing perspectives of you ( who you are, why you are,how you feel and what you will not stand for). There are no classes in this unfortunatly or everyone would be doing it.
  And not all the tormentors or torment will stop , but it will put you in a far better mental,social and interpersonal place. That one day you could be writing this or speaking to others on any subject?

Through my operations I missed a lot of school,but with hard work and help I caught up and passed my exams rising me above these people scared of the unknown(me). I first joined the Army as a Junior Leader (the picture top of page) thats where that chaprter began.
  All these people saying because of my face and that I was a freak and hey you guys (from the Goonies). To name but a few where are they what have they done !!!!.
  A lot I know personally know have made there peice and we have buried hatchets. A lot didnt do well at school,have been in and out of jail(correctional facilities),taken drugs ect. They marvel at my acheivements and wonder why and how !!.
  They have lived with regret,anger and self pitty around there actions. And I forgave them and thanked them for what they had done. With a smile a hug and even a pint or three.

There are those hard lined bigots out there that you can not change or get through too. That is not your fault it is down to them wholely and fully.

Forgive yourself before others and follow your path. Take those friends and believers with you.Leave doubters,haters and spoilers to languish in there own pitty.



What would you do if you had the chance !
Go for a run a meal or a dance
Wait for a chance or Grab with both hands
Follow the crowd or take your own path

I make my chances
I take my own path
Leading the way
Despite what they say

Do as they do or select the right way
Cower to preasure or stand proud your way
take up lifes challanges and win the day
Or hide in the corner with nothing to say

I make my chances
I take my own path
Leading the way
Despite what they say

Be indavidual is what I say
Free from shackles that fall your way
Proud to be you who every that may be
What ever your choices thats your life to lead
No mater you race,sexuality,religion or need

    Lead from the front in a heart beat.


            ( an insite into how I cope )
                  ( My Own therapy)
                      ( And Assists)

After a trip to my Doctor for full service check. It was nice to get a medical prespective on my Fybro and how I deal with it.

I have suffered with total numbness in my left side,acompanied with severe pins and needles for 11+ years if not longer. Joint pain and stiffness with burning sensation only really noticed recently.
   The last 3 years have been the best since diagnosis. With a change in dietry habits and exercise along with Meds and proper rest. Throw in deep massage and hydro therapy I have ,
A) Lost 10+ stone
B) Improved Mobility
C) Lessened the effect on bodies systems
D) Improved mental and physical health



A concious effort to ensure proper eating and nutrient intake. Changing to best intake scedule/timings,and plenty fresh fruit,veg and meats/fish.
  The effects on the body are amazing over time,better energy,nutrient,cell and chemical production. Improved mobility,brain function,strength,flexability and pain management.
Which for any severe medical or health management is in my findings important.
Vegetables and Fruit:

Spinich,broccolli,Kale,Avacado,blueberies,brussel sprouts,onion,garlic,lemon grass,star fruit,pineapple,mango,peas,beans,
The key is the recommended 5 a day and learn how to juice or make your own smoithies. As it is the best way to get a lot of nutrients into your body fast.
  Fresh or frozen is best as the most nutrients are all trapped in the chosen fruit or veg.
These are the best ways to prepare your fruits or veg apart from naturaly raw.

Meats and Fish:

Grass fed meats are best as they gave only natural nutrients and a far better taste. Yes they are slightly more expencive sometimes but well worth it too reap the benifits.
  Lean meat like pork,lamb,veil,venison,rabbit,chicken,turkey,pheasant,beef,boar and emu
  Freshly caught fish full of Omaga three and natural nutrients. Oily fish are great as well as for exampleTuna,trout,salmon and snapper.

Always have a breakfast this is of ultimate importance as it fuels the body for the entire day. Then your neals tgroughout the day top up your calories keeping the bodies systems from producing spikes of nutrients and keeping the bodies homiostasis.
  Also this will assist any medication and help prevent degridation of stomach lining due to corrossion from meds ect.
Inbetween breakfast,lunch and dinner add a snack half way between each this stops exess hunger and binging. Throught the day by keeping the fuel levels topped up. And eat no later than 7pm to allow proper digestion and stop excess fat stores being built up.




Cutting out excess’s of salt,sugars and high levels of fats is also very important. As well as weight management this will improve your lifestyle,mood,ability,social,private ang general health for life.


Swimming is one of the best for anyone very low impact but by using every muscle you tone and build the whole body. All this while burning fat and assisting digestion,brain function,flexability,strength and mobility.
Cycling is another low impact but brilliant form of exercise that assists and doesnt cause excess pain or discomfort.
Then there is good old walking at a raised pace to keep the heart rate up. This is one of the easiest forms of exercise and its free.

Always Consult Your Doctor Before Begining Any Exercise Programme or activity.

Using these small changes I have mannaged to control to some point any effects on my health,body and lifestyle that Fybromyralga has caused or may still be too come.
  Doctor was chuffed that my meds are constant and not exessive. Did give me a small ticking off for not using them daily but conceeded that it seems to be working for me.

Take Control Do What You Can And Improve Your Life and Wellbeing Forever.