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Joy of sun

Posted: June 7, 2016 in Random
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We worship your purity
Bask in your glow
Nature thrives under your watch
Colours brighter and darkness wains
The earth and sky abundant and fresh
The waters becon with cooling joy
It’s fantastic the adulation and joy you spread
Just by being thier alone and uncloaks
Lying in your cotton candy silken bed
Vivid blue clear and true
Once more we grass the summery vibe
And dance along our Dailly path
Enriched and alive as one with nature
Oh solar flares of excitement
How the world consumes your firey pleasure
The Sun and light to provide we thank you

It washes over us
Like the tide over sand
Winters onset chill in the air
Crisp fresh mornings frost on the ground
Warmth of breath spirals afore
Decorations set in place
Trees laden with tinsel spring up fast
Xmas is coming santa is on his way
Children excited presents to bare
Carols sang loudly Xmas hits blast loud
Shops full too bursting
People throng and harass
Spirit of uletide a wash on thier face
It washes over the world as a whole
The spirit of Christmas and the Lords holy prayer
No matter your country, religion or creed
We all celebrate something at this time of year.


The Ben’s rise proud
The Loch’s ripple with life
The Glen’s lead the way
Bagpipes fill the air
Castles intimidating in stone
Glaring down on the populace
Cities filled with uniqueness
History spews from every pore
The golden life blood blends
To the core of your soul
Made from girders
Strong and true
The Bru courses our veins
With spice of life
A Scotsman with pride
We will live forever


Well today is back to school day and harmony has been restored. And this Fozzy Bear (and not the famous Muppet) is back in cruise control.
   Children safely and timely dispached to school , dogs walked and day 5 of “insanity” training programme done. I have two Fitness programmes to write and send that takes care of the $£€….. .
  This is a productive day so far we will see how all goes later.
  Also jst had the great news that one of our best friends is having a baby. And was also informed we wpuld be classed as Grand Bears as they look upon us as Mummy and daddy bear.
  It never ceases to amaze me how jst being me has such an epic effect on those around me !!!!, Some because I bring food and can assist with injury/health enquiries(if you are reading this with a smile yup that is you) and others because I just sit and listen.

So this Papa Bear is just gonna roll with it life is good and relaxed.Even though it can be really busy there is no rush.
I invite everyone to pull up a chair grab a coffee/tea and relax.Lets shoot the breeze and get to know each other in the coffee shop of life.
To all my bear cubs old and new Papa bear is always here to lend an ear,chat advise or have a laugh. Message away,skype,phone or text and I will be happy to reply and help whenever I can.
So this Bear is away to bring in the $£€,but always available so dont hesitate. Stay safe,have fun and do what makes you happy.