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The inheritance of hatred
Divulged by societies teachings
Launched at the miss fortune
Of the week and defenceless
Disguised as religious and semonistic knowledge
Discrimination cloaked in darkness
Fuels the spirit beneath my soal
Rocketing my determination
Galvanising my resilience
Allowing me to acheive greatness
Despite all laid waist before me
And all attempts to quench my ire
My life is for living
The path I choose needs no acceptance
Or the permission of others
Fuel my fires, drive me forth
Stand in awe as my wings
Gilted in gold spread and lift me high above you
This is acheivement this is true self

Mother nature dealt the cards
A mask of iron solidly cast
Too show a front
To be socially adept
And not scare the children
Who are Unaware
Time rolled on without a task
Name calling and ridicule
Were my Dailly soup
Untill one day the mirror laughed
It didn’t crack or run a mile
Mother nature struck her blow
Tossing the mask too and frow
Dropping down too the floor
Too look at my suprise
No batted eyes from passers by
Not a wiper or a moan
My own name I hear more and more
So natural change
Personality by the pale
New horizons let’s set sail

The contempt you wield
For my existence
My loyalty too my life
The ability too strip me of dignity
My empowered soul screams
The assistance never arrives
Silent screaming of sinues
The howls from a troubled mind
You smirk at my attempts
To conform to the expected
Normalities guise is tattered
Damb you disfunction
Your mental physicality
Putrifies souls dragging them down
But I will not lie down
I will never cease to strive
I am a lion
The true warrior
Countermanding your orders
Is my right
This will defile your attempts
Throw asunder your reign
And allow me and my fellow sufferers
To live life too the full
And rise high out of your enforced mire pit
To emblazened highs never thought possible
We will win I will lead the contingents
I have and will forever
Dispell and devour your bile
So others do not have too
You may take our bodies and minds
But our freedoms are our own
To shine and make aware our brilliance


Pride of a Nation
Born free and astute
Spoiled by legalities
Politics and indemnities
Brought together
On this fate filled day
September the 11th
Etched deep on the brain
Terror at its highest
Needless attack
Destruction of the towers
Shook to the floor
Death of so many
Needless Destruction and loss
Let’s rise like a phoenix
Praise strength and fortitude
Never forgotten always in thought
They live with us forever
As do the scenes of that day
Go peaceful rest in glow of your light
Our loved ones and friends
For time ever more
We visit ground zero
With pain in our heart
Leave with a smile and hope ever more
Lessons  were learned
Determination was stoked
New strength to the world
Under tyrants tirades

W agging fingers of politics
A rmies thrown as stones
R egardless of outcomes face


The soul within
Pears out
Emotiveless and opaic
Windows of flesh
Screams unheard
Toils Un noticed
What or who
Am I normal
Or the freak
They taunt daily
As endeavours
I undertake too graduate
Amongst societies banner

I feel

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I feel the breeze
I see the sun
I hear the sounds
Feeling nature abound
See the throngs of bodies
Singular and individual
All alone inside my head
Me,myself and I
Fighting the hidden
Living the dark
Projecting the mask before you
You will never realise the pain
Or understand how I cope
This happy-go-lucky
Confidant soul
Am I really or do I crumble
Loveless solitude is my domain


She slips silently forward
The peoples dreams clasped tight
Held in her femininity
Guile and beauty cascade freely
This diminutive figure
Filled with strengths abound
Normally born to masculine for
Confused and bewildered states
Cavort in joviality unaware
Powers held deep within
She is a warrior brave
Emblazened by scars deep
Filled with meanings personal
Consumed by feelings
Driving forward purpose and targets
Calmly she continues on
Winning battle after battle
Collecting friends and influencing outcomes
Without force or attempts
Her silent demeanor
Installs fortitude in other meek souls
This tiger of power and beauty
Survivors dream state
Mindful and ritchious
No longer victimised by the masses
She is alive and free


Grazing on the leftovers
That uncaring accellerators of hate
perpetuate by ignorance
Sifting pieces discarded
By life forces insecure and vile

Pushing deliverance
Of Emotions forgotten
Played by the way side
Of vengances field
Fueled by desire
To kill and disenbowl
The putrid societies stench

Trying to heave my head
Above the infested waters
Life seeping from the pours
Disapearing into air
Filled with smoke and deathening fear
Prayed apon by the Underlings
Without care or recollection
Or care for pallatable or proper endevour

Stealing my strength
From carrion left rotting
Raising up and spreading
Out the wings of strength
Heart of steal and talons of fire
Darkness the friend
Of unfotunate souls
Rising above such a
World un educated and devided
Where are the souls of joy
And welcome

Soaring free and full of desire
This peacefull indavidual
Hunting for love
And friendly companion
To carry the life once
Seen in dreams
Forever a nomad
in true life endevour