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Mother nature dealt the cards
A mask of iron solidly cast
Too show a front
To be socially adept
And not scare the children
Who are Unaware
Time rolled on without a task
Name calling and ridicule
Were my Dailly soup
Untill one day the mirror laughed
It didn’t crack or run a mile
Mother nature struck her blow
Tossing the mask too and frow
Dropping down too the floor
Too look at my suprise
No batted eyes from passers by
Not a wiper or a moan
My own name I hear more and more
So natural change
Personality by the pale
New horizons let’s set sail


Only a concept
Born by desire
Shooting through life
Flying higher and higher
Acheiving goals laying waste to challenges
The burning desire
To grow so bold
From the fire we cascade
Burning embers full of life
Energised and ready to go
Watch out world here we go

Bugles fanfare sounds
Eyes struggle too open
Leaping out of bed
Pulling the duvet over my shoulders
Planting feet firmly on the floor
Burrowing into my downy pillow soft
Stretching up to the sky
Slumber welcomes me once more
Sinues awaken and energised
Dream state envigours and warms
Washed,spruced and ready
Dragging me willingly away from here
Out the door and on my way
Too my solitude and peace
Dailly tasks gladly dispatched
Fishing and scenery my prize
To live forefilled and free
Escapism and calmness
I am what I strive to be
I shudder to think of realities needs
This life is for living 100%
I hide away from all


Follow the rainbow
Carry your dreams
Propel yourself forward
Raise off your knees
Be thankful for being
Give thanks for the sky
Take challange apon challange
Expanding your mind
Fill with power of acheivement
With lion strength of heart
Disgard all the rubbish
Making lives hard
Live for your own
Family and friends
Dress in the colours
Of the rainbows ahead


Follow the tempo
Feeling free
Dreams of gold
You and me
Places visited
Times of fun
People lost
And love on the run
Sunshine and storm
Brightest of light
Darkest of night
Achieving the best
Fighting the fears
Falling down holes
Rasing the flags
Follow your dreams
Make it a class
Faster than sound
Hit the ground running
And reach for the stars


Convictions of thought
True spirits vitue
Determination drives
Every muscle charged full
Target goal set strong
Gallop staight and just
Doubter and haters fall
Unstoppable forces of self
Inner strength bares confidance
Fortatude developes defiance
Cataclismic explosive intent
Strives and stimulates future
Warrior bold straddled
Stead of fiery intent
Un daunted by barracades
Set by social indifferance and fear
Striding along intensions path

Truth,honesty,selfless and honourable
Rider and steads undoutable oneness

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Isn’t the human race weird ?

The most inteligent and advanced animals on the planet

But still to this day we havent managed to irradicate Bullying,Bigotry,racial hate,Discrimination and physical attacks on the weak and infirm

Over 40 years of Bullying and Daiscriminatory violence I have suffered,Thankfully i am of strong nature aswell as Polite,Intelligent and sharp.

I suppose i am the Cat above i do not see weakness or differance but the Power i hold and confidance i hopefully Project . 

Today i was asked: How i managed it ?

Over many years i have inhanced my internal censors to convert feelings into whatever is needed become self aware and proud of my acheivements.

It all started with what now seems simple ( I am who i am and I accept Me wholey) I found out all i could about my conditions and any limitations I may have because of this.

Developement of self sufficient strategies to cope with whatever came my way,

1) Use of humour

2) Educated self awareness

3) Self Confidance

4) Ability to make fun of Self

5) Correct strong Attitude

6) Preperation to Learn and Adapt

7) Acceptance off Failure

1+4 : A sharp if not slightly warped sence of humour is Imperative too survival as it can aide in the retorts and come backs to most if not all verbal attacks. Aswell as allowing the disarming of situations by making fun of your own failings (It may sound daft but it does help trust me). You have to be senceible though and not over do it as that can sometimes escilate things too quickly.

2) Building up a vast accurate Knowledge base concerning your dissability for example means that the above is then armoured with the correct ammo, Allowing informed tiraids of retorical and bamboozling attacks on any Nianderthol that cares to try attacking in the first place.

3) This is bourne from acheiving goals and managing to adapt self to every situatioion the above helps greatly in boosting and stabalising Confidance. Over time irradicating to the back of your mind the dipressive and dark thoughts. Then you have the tools to self help yourself out of any dark situation and the pride and confidance to handle it .

5,6,7) These are all by products and additions off all above 7+6 go hand in hand and assist in the growth management of your defencive network, 5) is the product acheived at the end of every stage and this too continually utilises 7+6 in its developement.

Over time these all become second nature to the point I know personally that i dont notice the work involved and havent for a long time.

My one failing in many’s eyes is i put myself down too much and at times dont seem as proud and as confidant as i should. Especially when it comes to my looks and how i perceive others perceptions of them. And you know what they are probibly correct in some part but I have grate pride in my entirety and know that i can do what i set my mind too, if others dont like the way i look,Physically or Authstetically then well tough on them,

And if that is my main fault left after all i have been through then Personally i dont think thats all that bad..

You have a wonderful acheivement already too celebrate !!!! You are alive and are here

So this is not easy I know and i do not expect you too head off change everything you are doing for the above but modify and learn how to adapt to your situation properly, As it will and does make life easier on you and harder on the attacker. Defy the neggative promotion of possitive and acceptance of what and who cant be changed.

Trust me you are an amazingly awesome being and the conditions ect that you suffer and cope with that others dont understand and fear are what make us all individually special and superior in everything we do.

Pat yourself on the back reward your dailly survival and remember any hardship bourne makes you resiliant and stronger day by day.

The Nianderthol Brigade are fearful of change unwilling to learn or change and are born of social discrepancies that are 100 of generations in the making in which has formed them into hibitual habits subconcious and detrimental to civilities reign.

Everyone is bond

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Entering the room
The air tingles
Anticapatory wonder looms
Eyes are drawn
Coolness’s personification
Exudes from his being
Confidance in every stride
Targets rich
Round every corner
Shaken but no stirring
The man the mission
His honour controls
For it is up to him


Since I was a teenager I have taken an interest in the muscle structure and benifits and pit falls . Of exercise or no exercise on growth and muscle formation.

Most of the human population young or old have one major factor in joint pain , mobility and muscle injury . They do not stretch out the muscles , by doing this you heat up the muscle fibres and stretching them in preperation for work/movement .
   The proper water intake and correct nutrients are also important. But for know I will concintrate on the manipulation and stretching of muscles.
  You do not need to be a fitness fanatic, body biulder or athlete to reap the benifits. They are simple and in 20-30 mins you can warm up and stretch the whole body ready for whatever your day holds.


And before you say anything yes I know these say fitness and weight training stretches. (The information is important not the headings).
   From a really good stretch as you get out of bed to 20-30 mins focus on your body. It all has benifits to your daily function and ability.
  Holding the stretches for 30secs-1min to start with, then increasing the hold length as the stretch gets easier and pushing the stretch deeper to manipulate more of the fibres. But start slowly and carefully your body will tell you when it is ready.
   Drink 1 pint of water before breakfast lunch and dinner to aid everything from digestion too sleep pattern will also help.
  Always start from the top too bottom neck, shoulders ect .

  ( A follow up too Proud to be who I am)

        ( The Scots Guards on Parade)

I know how hard it is to be bullied and be made fun of all to well. Personally it made school hard as hell,from Primary (junior) school to University. Having everyone including your peer group on your back day in day out. Kids on your street,block or estate harang your every movement.
  Did I hide in a corner or skulk in shadows !! . No I did not, I done the hardest thing I could have choosen too do. I stood upto the bullies and sooth sayers. Not by violance at first but by using my wit,inteligance and speed of thought. Turning round or manipulating there own words or position, A verbal Karate,Ikido or judo if you like.
  This is by no means easy although once you start you dont realise at the time how hard it is. As I am only seeing know how strong I must have been to attempt this.
  It is not cheek,stupid remarks or idiotic behaviour that you use, it is how ever jokes(about youself) aswell as them,word games,inteligance about the situation and grit and determination.
   Disarming or even nutralising there point of view making others laugh and without realising changing perspectives of you ( who you are, why you are,how you feel and what you will not stand for). There are no classes in this unfortunatly or everyone would be doing it.
  And not all the tormentors or torment will stop , but it will put you in a far better mental,social and interpersonal place. That one day you could be writing this or speaking to others on any subject?

Through my operations I missed a lot of school,but with hard work and help I caught up and passed my exams rising me above these people scared of the unknown(me). I first joined the Army as a Junior Leader (the picture top of page) thats where that chaprter began.
  All these people saying because of my face and that I was a freak and hey you guys (from the Goonies). To name but a few where are they what have they done !!!!.
  A lot I know personally know have made there peice and we have buried hatchets. A lot didnt do well at school,have been in and out of jail(correctional facilities),taken drugs ect. They marvel at my acheivements and wonder why and how !!.
  They have lived with regret,anger and self pitty around there actions. And I forgave them and thanked them for what they had done. With a smile a hug and even a pint or three.

There are those hard lined bigots out there that you can not change or get through too. That is not your fault it is down to them wholely and fully.

Forgive yourself before others and follow your path. Take those friends and believers with you.Leave doubters,haters and spoilers to languish in there own pitty.