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Eyes meet
Glances exchanged
The hearts rhythm quickens
Clammy handed
Dry mouthed
Mind races
Face reddens crimson
Pulse races
Heart beats out of chest
Are you the one
My true love always
We stutter chat
Exchange details
Both wonder if we will meet again
Roses purchased
Card written and sealed
Friendship bands and time for meal
Table for two
In the romantic spot
Marked subtly with love heart notes
Will you be my valentine
Love of my life till the end of time
My heart is yours
Completely and true


Dailly battles torment
Haranged and tortured
Verbal profanity or physical abuse
Black and blue the tattoos of consiquence
Scarred to the bone
Inclemancy and bewilderment
Statutory states of mindfulness
Coresponding nulification of self
Skills bestowed on the victomised
Down trodden and marred
Embattled prowess
Standing face to face
With shell of self
Fires lit burning strong
Contemptual spirit launches
Steps taken with conviction
Doubters strewen assunder
Ears deaf too sooth sayers utterances
Mind set on inner abilities
Compleasion of awerness
Stimulation of inner beast
Life continues complete
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