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Leap of faith toss the stone

Destiny falls on your path

Behold the wonder before you

Grasp the life given

Make the subtle changes needed

And ride the path as if you own it

You make life worth living

Take the supplies and people necessary

Challenge yourself and rise high

Your worth is insurmountable and priceless

Life is a game of hop scotch go win it

The inheritance of hatred
Divulged by societies teachings
Launched at the miss fortune
Of the week and defenceless
Disguised as religious and semonistic knowledge
Discrimination cloaked in darkness
Fuels the spirit beneath my soal
Rocketing my determination
Galvanising my resilience
Allowing me to acheive greatness
Despite all laid waist before me
And all attempts to quench my ire
My life is for living
The path I choose needs no acceptance
Or the permission of others
Fuel my fires, drive me forth
Stand in awe as my wings
Gilted in gold spread and lift me high above you
This is acheivement this is true self

Far and wide
Been educated
Through trials
Of life’s journeys path
Achieved and failed
In equal measure
Love, laughed and lost
Built up my portfolio
Sold myself
Too pay my way
Delivered  my best every day
In my unique and personal way
To stranger and friend
As if they were gold
Built up memories always to hold
This is me
My way and life

The dark

Posted: December 17, 2015 in Random
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The black cloak
Intrepid fortitude
Oblivion in extreme
No shadow cast
Light does not permiate
Lifeless still and quiet
Motion is no necessity
The depressive silence
Deafens all around
The dark complete
At one with all


Emptied mind
Floating free
Sailing on fluffy clouds
Dancing and cavorting
No agenda’s
Lacking purpose
Void of feeling
Sun beats on our skin
Wind teasles our hair
No noise or bustle disturbs
Our peace and solitude
Escape and evading


Relaxing with a book
Sitting in the sun
No stress or worry
For the work is done
Peace and solitude
Amidst the hustle and bustle
This is the life
Strived fore and achieved


Warm dark joy
Swirls of dairy
Welcoming scent
Drawing us in
Calming and peaceful
Relaxation vessels
Oh how I welcome you
Coffee my fuel
And friend at Al times

Glints of true steel

Posted: September 24, 2014 in Random
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In life we toil
Surroundings and natures play
Oppressed by Governance and society

Programmed by Media,Society,Teachings and Expectations

Filled with individuality
Striving too shine and escape
Self existance

Weilding Steely determination like the social samurai invoking changes

Conseptual realities fall
Put to the blades of self control
Sliced and hacked

Power of individuality spews fresh and clear washing over and cleansing all

The steal glints and warns that this life is directed and strong
Untaintable by the putrid stench or colourisations
Free to be

Forging true paths
Forcing others to step aside in acceptance
Of fortitude and steely strength within


Independance of a country is a choice of the people. Not a political action with tit for tat strikes of vocalised profanity or Physical hatred towards either side.

Referendum: The selective vote to decide on a plan of action. So if YES wins then it is more likely to go through in 2016 which is the actual vote. If it is a victory for the No camp then it is likely to be a No in 2016.
Scottish Governance: This is the contentious point in all for decisions to be made. There are many that do not hold Alex Salmond in any regard at all. But this isnt what the vote is for at all he will be voted out at next election and already his own party have set about seeking new leadership. So do not take him into concideration for your decision.
  Westminster Governance: David and Nick are rabbits in headlights over the whole thing. Harbergers of doom and gloom and profanity neither they nor there parties have actually come up with a strong informed arguement for keeping the union.
   They have made heavy of what will be levied at scotland by westminster if Yes wins on the 18th. This is time to wake up as these cuts and sanctions will still be brought to bare even if No wins.
They can not stop Scotland keeping the pound as its monetary unit.And sending Mr Darling a paid puppet to argue and debate was a disaster as he himself couldnt make anything stick. And also basically said that a) scotland could use the pound b) Scotland would be a strong nation and c) Couldnt uphold his Parties line with any verve at all.

The transition in all this will mean a period of osterity for Scotland. in that prices may be higher and the populious and governance will have to find there feet. This is only natural in any break away from long term unity. However this is not a divorce where arguements about houses,cats,children or pets should cloud anyones views or decisions.
  Edward (Longshanks) applied similar tactics as our present goverment . Supplying tax breaks,larger facilities,promise of contracts ect to draw firms and businesses South of the border. But there own ageements on EU laws and stipulations will come back too bite them. Particularly on the banking and financial front, at present all financial centers are to be in the capitals or where governance of the country is held. So at this time it will be London , this is why Rbs,Llyods ect are moving to london if Yes wins on the 18th. But if that is the case in 2016 if Yes wins they would have to move to Edinburgh anyway under the new regulations and stipulations there off.
  If this is not done then hefty fines and sanctions are in place.

The countries present Goverment are cutting services,benifits,military,Nhs,Royal mail and many more to come. They are and have caused an increase in the number of people living below the bread line,raised the need for food banks,cloths banks and more homless family shelters. They have given un realistic parameters too agencies making decisions in disabilities needs,funding and social needs.
  At the present rate a large majority of the country will be even worse off by the time a general election is brought to be.
  A part from the historic and chronoligical growth of the UK with Scotland as an integral part. Being miss understood and used as the test bed for things like Poll Tax,Bedroom Tax and many more throughout the years.
   What catastrophic acts will actually take place if Independance is Won?.
  There will only be one major differance in that Scotland would be its own Nation and have its own Identity, Allowing it to be solely recognised for its own great acheivements. And then there still could be a great working relationship with all the other nations England,Wales and Ireland. As we are at the moment technically in Glasgows Games it should have been a UK team !!! but it wasnt, it was ok for Scotland,Wales and Ireland to have there “independant” Personalities and teams take part as they are looked at within Great Britains Commonwealth !!!.

I am an always will be a True Scotsman no matter what decission is made on the 18th Of September 2014. But people need to make either decision properly informed. And the attacks on each other from both Yes and No camps needs to stop as it doesnt help either get closer to victory. That is why we are a democracy voted by the people by our choices , selections and votes. Not by thuggary,benevelance,hatered and foul profanity.

Lovers choice

Posted: August 6, 2014 in Random
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Against the night sky
Two lovers eye too eye
Intertwind in strong embrace
Life flows at chosen pace
No battle of normality rages
Sexualities choice complete and true
Loves boundryless encompasment
In these hearts as one
Flourishing brave on selected path
Partners oneness together bathes
For no man disparage loves directions true
Individual choices for me and you
Take solice in your partners arms
Together bask in all its charms


Posted: June 20, 2014 in Random
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                   Horizons stretched
            Summer tides calmly flow
                 Fisheman casts nets