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When you peal my skin
Revealing the surface below
Impurity and devistation
Blood crimson red
It will not define me
Or defeat the power within
It will just compound
The truth and heart there in
Fix it up and stich it tight
And put me back to bed
I will awake with a smile on my face
And the confidance will shine

Those haters and doubters
Through my life
And people who can not be
Will gape in awe of what’s set a fore
And languish where they sit
To keep up with me or be your best
You have too put you self behind
Pick up my leed and fall in line
Do what must be done
Not needing to be asked or told by some
Intinctivly just move
For at your ages it is unheard
To be instructed in simple life

So stop you paranoid acts
And lazy task
Of others doing your job
Everyone sees you lack and luster
And bow thier heads in shame
It’s not for us to lift you up
Or prod you to awaken
But for you alone to get off your ass
And stand to be accepted
No excuse or story bold
Will be accepted any longer
Pick up thy shovel and dig with the rest
On the coal face that is life
Do not question or meline
The reasons for the silence
For people will only explain themselves
So many time before the fall silent
This is why you must take note
Of the reasons behind them


The meek are such
In discise
Taming the beast
That waits inside
Holding it back
Taught in its chains
Calming it’s soul
Through lives debates
Rage is its hunger
Preservation it’s chance
Feeding on hatred
Thrown at the host
Release is enevitable
On fateful days
Retrabution and anger
Are it’s face
Bannishing attackers
And foes where they lay


     Click clack along the track
     Daylight and darkness
     Fear and freadoms act
     Friendships crew
     And passangers true
     Plowing on the journeys with you
     Stopping at stations
     Of opinions and truths
     Level headed crossings and bridges         of doubt
     From station masters of knowledge
     To drivers fearless know how
      Directions through life’s journeys
      North,East,West or south
      These interchangeable routes
      Through life’s mountains and plains
     Hold fast your tickets and the travellers tales


Posted: August 2, 2014 in Random
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Sultry and mood invoking
Tantalising figure
She had the tools
And knew how to use them
Eyes deep and blue
Mystical and alooring
Angelic complexity shines
She is aloof
But inteligent and trained
Sent to take out
Those unsuspecting indaviduals
Split personas
One of vixen temptress
The other stone cold assasin
Shifting seemlessly between both
Never flustered or peturbed
Loving and attentive to her own
Decisive and deadly to the enemy
Wondrously enchanting
Devel or angel
Passing through varied lives
What is her name
Where is she from
Daughter,wife and mother bold
Tangle with her kin
At your peril
This tender soul
With sting in her tail

Better Day

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Random
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Horizon spread before
Glints of joy dancing
Evocative imaginations play
Intrusive sugestion gamble
Dreams of clarity stream free
Inabitions thrown assunder
Freedom calls loud and clear
Today is the better day
  Indavidualism reigns
Released and unchained
Potential is our mantra
Life of our choosing


Posted: June 8, 2014 in Random
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Light glistens
A Copperised hue
Dances on the floor
Falling from limbs above
Natures carpet shimmering
No dowdieness grasps the air
Subtle subliminal changes
Alterations of natures truth
Bestowed and owned
Benevelance leads to joy
Seasonal alterations flow
Trees weeping in silence
Spewing golden magic
Preperations and deliverance
For future regenerations
The circle of life
Rotates seemlessly
Ommitting radiantly from its path
The end or begining,the choice is yours


Locked away devoid of feeling
Emotiveness floods the soul
Fear stricken spectres of doubt
Battling with presevatory abilities
Joy of self jousting with hatefulness
Abilities subdued by ignorance
Dragged deeper into dispare
By pittiful embevalance
Miss understood and conpounded
Striving to shine soulful light
Through misty darkness
Self presevatory struggle
Pushing to rise above and eluminate
Hatred bannished to inner core
Tormentors blocked and silenced
By intrepid speeches and lyrical prose
The deep battle of egoless self
Dailly and iconceptual
Lifting of spirit above sinfulness
Contempt and angers fade
Self worth and joy of being
Struggle to rise,through battles won and lost

     I am never Lose I WIN or I Learn