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Free Yourself

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Random
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Soring free with joy
Un inhibated by shackles
Stressless and un bound
Ant like indaviduals
Wallowing in civilisatory sludge
Condemmed to the 9-5 toil
Handcuffed to soleless objectives

Take stock release fortuitious freedom
Release potentials within
Escapism theory
Transverse worlds by book,music or relaxatory pleasure
Free inabitions take a chance or two
Live for now and self
Take that break you have always dreamed off
Unchain the forgetten true you

Fly like eagles
Run like cheetahs
Swim like the fish
Let your imagination take you
Heart and mind in unison
Being true to your wholeness
Passions,fantasies,abilities and worldliness
Free and regenerate become self

These choices are ours,to take a chance,to be indavidual these are the Lifestyle choices of the free


At the draw of the bow
Qwivering strings
Resinating of the fret board
The light glistening
Off the sharpend edge
Formed on the steel bow spine

Fingers supple and strong
Pinning down the sharp strings
Formulating note after note
Hypnotically entransing
Drawing Humanities soul
Deeper and closer
Towards the edge of the stage

The tempo quickens
The hoof like rythmic twitch
Thundering across the air
Defying all obsticles before it
Pearcing the thickest walls
Smashing glass

This Devils bidder
Of musical excelence
Peddling his wears
For all to see
Brightening the darkness
Constraining the doubters
With awwe and amazement

Never before
Had something known
As so horrid
Basked in such bright glory
Lit up by the magestic
Presence of Musicality

Praise be to the unknown
Give it the right
To perfom in your view
Let it deliver
Its wonders
Straight to your soul
Uncondemed and free


What would you do if you had the chance !
Go for a run a meal or a dance
Wait for a chance or Grab with both hands
Follow the crowd or take your own path

I make my chances
I take my own path
Leading the way
Despite what they say

Do as they do or select the right way
Cower to preasure or stand proud your way
take up lifes challanges and win the day
Or hide in the corner with nothing to say

I make my chances
I take my own path
Leading the way
Despite what they say

Be indavidual is what I say
Free from shackles that fall your way
Proud to be you who every that may be
What ever your choices thats your life to lead
No mater you race,sexuality,religion or need

    Lead from the front in a heart beat.