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Posted: September 26, 2016 in Random
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Walking down cobbled streets

The stone built houses meet and greet

Tudor ,Gorgian and Victorian too

Seamlessly mixed contented as new

Stroll up the hill through the groves

To be met by hills,fells and more

No matter the weather there is always things too do

The life of a town in the country heart

No stress just relaxation from the start

No happier home have I found

The gateway too the lakes is where it’s at

People come and people go but this is home for ever more

In the dim
I rise above all
In the dark I am one
Concepts rise above
Transperant asides divulged
Sonics bounce lighting the way
Without sight I am king
Without sound I hunt
My pray is never safe
My counterparts and companions
At safeties side sit free
Wild and astute
Calm and composed
From distance I can hit my mark
At close range they fall in silence
The assassin in daylight
The slayer of night
But cool calm and collected
Dressed with indifference
Concealed in oblivion
Where,when and how
Who is next on the list


Somewhere over our rainbow
We free ourselves
No pot of gold or leprechaun’s
Just peace and humility
No darkness or hate lives
That idyllic place
We all transcend too
Breaking away from day-to-day
Ripping off the masks and embellishments
Being truly self and one
Smiling true smiles feeling no pains
The mental and physical
Release of tensions bared
Flood over us
Uncontrolled torrents of bliss
Take me their and leave me
I will not want or moan
For here is my solitude
And here I would love to stay
Forever and a day


Struggles bare down
Anger rises from the fire
Strain and comprehension develope
Torn from the arms of compassion
Freedoms gate creeks shut
Light dims slowly too new rythm
Conglomerates regulatory miss trust
Dailly deliveries of distain
Striving and toil to pay for sins
Monitary compensatory lapses
Delivery momentary reliefs
Loves comforts grasp and hold tight
Pulling free from the dark
Momentary glimpses of joy and passion
Emblazen self worth indelibly etched on sole
Driving forward dreams and goals for future
Day light wains returning self
To compasionate relaxing embrace of worth
Wallowing in delight at her soft silken flesh
Warmth and comforting nature
Drawing near the slumber of kings
Enwrapped in the loving entangled embraces
Reliences disapear and truth returns
As new days dawn despite situation
Freeing soles and choices
Returning control back too self