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Head held high
Eyes looking forward
Striding through life
Clearing all hurdles
Breaking down walls
Battling foes
Bannishing darkness where ever it grows
The guiding light and warrior brave
The meek and mild servant
Who journey along
This is not bravery
Only the fight
That burns deep inside me
Producing the power of right
Through Turmoils and pains
Growing ever stronger
Live in the shadows no way any longer
These choices are hard
But critical to all for we are survivors
That battle away
For fairer and brighter days for all

Strength of a thousand armies
Knowledge of a world of books
Shoulders broad enough too carry all
Heart stronger than life itself
Hands strong with gentleness
But he is only one
He can not do everything at once
He will love you till the ends of time
Follow you through the universe
Constantly call you princess
And treat you as a goddess
He is fragile, he is meek, he is attentive
So take care not too break him
He will disapear
Disintegrating before your eyes
And poof he will be gone
And only the shadow left too cling too
In your hopeless abandonment


Posted: June 30, 2014 in Random
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Heart ripped and tattered
Engulfed by depressive doubts
Knowledge less off reasoning of act
Rivers of tears flow emotions close down
Numbness encapsulates frame
Dead and lifeless core
Blame and doubts fester deep
Self harm with words of aggression
Mirror of life smashed strewen aside
Darkness rushes in envelopes all
Dimming of light windows glaze
As sole switches off
Where once golden glow emitted
How can one
Cause these depths of depravity
As in firm grasp blade is held
Blood dripping from its tip
WHY ……Me……
Is the soulless mournful cry