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Cold envelopes me
The dark Shrouds my form
Emotions disapear
Eyes transperant and vague
Skin clamy and cool to touch
Without relief panic takes control
Curled in my fetal position
Comforts dispelled
Friends and family evade my space
Loneliness grasps my shoulders
As if to mock me
Deeper and deeper it pulls my soul
Longer and Longer it persist
Finally it has me
Where ever here is


The light has dimmed
Darkness rolls in
Sombersome state steps in
Clouds fill the void
Heart sinks low
complexions sullen arrive
Ensnared within walls
mentally and physically
Screaming for freedoms smile
The light to return
And free souls and beings alike
When the storm brews
It’s complete and utter mire
Shunning all joy and freedom
That went before it
Please return my happy days
Of light and joy and heated rays
Oh where have you gone