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Placed upon earth
Striving for survival
Soaking up knowledge
From all that surrounds
Eyes wide open
Ears pinned back
Eternally questioning
Those on the path

We huddle together
For safety and warmth
To banish the darkness
For protection of worth
Forward we stride
Indavidualism our sheild
Against social awareness
And the horrors it weilds

From singleton to partner
We seamlessly pass
Hero and protector
To siblings amassed
New role and stresses
Passed in our wake
Headlong and onward
With confidant aire

We are but foils
Parting the air
So others may follow
And learn on the way
It’s not for us to be forceful
Or drag them our way
Just guide and enlighten
This who would dare

Born unaware
Of our place on this earth
Kept busy just living
Battling for worth
With hard work and laughter
We find true placement for one
And social acceptance
We take our turn

Enevitability takes us by the hand
Guides us with comfort
As time does pass
Everyone safe under our charge
Prepared in the knowledge
It’s our time to pass
They take on the journey
Upon us too walk
As one with the earth
And the universes birth
We watch them and smile
From positions on high
This is our journey
The reasoning why

Only a concept
Born by desire
Shooting through life
Flying higher and higher
Acheiving goals laying waste to challenges
The burning desire
To grow so bold
From the fire we cascade
Burning embers full of life
Energised and ready to go
Watch out world here we go

Born too live
Live to acheive
Acheive to inspire
Inspire and teach
Teach to enhance growth
Sprinkle with kindness
Shower with affection
Fill the soul with joy
Implant seeds too form memories
Grow the knowledge
Watch them improve
Nurture and tend the garden of life
Comfort when in need
Love without condition
Drive and stoke thier fires
Sit back and marvel
Thier acomplishments  glow
They grow and become
Through life the cycle continues
And we can bask in its awe
Our gift from our past
To our present and future
For now and eternity


Posted: July 16, 2014 in Random
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Devoid of wrappings
Non materialistic ensconcements
As nature intended
Flesh tones complexities
Dry or oily
Taughtness of youth
Relaxed and wrinkled with age
Birthday suit of valour
Scars and blemishes worn with pride
Confidance grows abundantly
Self exprecive and raw
Dimples of life’s journey
Endorse the aging process
Acceptance of appearance
Inheritantly difficult choice
Media supported declasification of type
Confussions reign supream
Beauty of naturalistic forces
Bestowed upon all
Grasped and understood
Propels indaviduals egotisic
Mastery of inner selective ability
Strength of abilities shine
With cognitive expresiveness
Be aware and pride in own skin
Promotion of cofidances higher states
Non reliance of formations social
Be the one you were meant to be
Embrace self inhancement