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Dug in and still
Motionless and silent
Target aquired vectors set in
Spotter watches and calculates
Awaiting orders times and dates
Society moves and carries on
Unaware of anything peace at a glance
Lock and load
Breathing adjusted
Weapon on point no time too worry
Gentle squeeze upon the trigger
Progectile on route
With its silent whisper
Hit dead on slumped too the floor
On lookers flustered
Bewildered and shocked
The silent assisin doing his work

Spotter gathers info from afar
Motionless and silent
Hidden from sight
Under cover of darkness
Sure footed and cloaked
Moving with precision
Away from our nest
Searchers are out there
Trying to find
And peace together the events and time
Extraction point alpha
Vectored and marked
Digging in till our taxi arrives
Daylight comes and passes slow
Darkness our friend has away too go

Nerves all on edge
Sences Hightend and sharp
Time ticks by slowly
Enemy at large
Waiting still dug in deep
No sound not even a peep
Radio silence markers set
Time and patients heaven sent
Darkness it falls
Covering with a veil
Rescue is inbound
Silent in flight
Extracted and safe on our way home
Sniper and spotter
Breath sighs of releaf

 Past world cup winners


world cup 2


1930 Guillermo Stabile (Argentina), 8

1934 Oldrich Nejedly (Czechoslovakia), 5

1938 Leonidas da Silva (Brazil), 7

1950 Ademir (Brazil), 8

1954 Sandor Kocsis (Hungary), 11

1958 Just Fontaine (France), 13

1962 Albert (Hungary), Ivanov (Soviet Union), Garrincha, Vava (both Brazil), Jerkovic (Yugoslavia), Sanchez (Chile) 4

1966 Eusebio (Portugal), 9

1970 Gerd Muller (Germany), 10

1974 Grzegorz Lato (Poland), 7

1978 Mario Kempes (Argentina), 6

1982 Paolo Rossi (Italy), 6

1986 Gary Lineker (England), 6

1990 Salvatore Schillaci (Italy), 6

1994 Salenko (Russia), Stoichkov (Bulgaria), 6

1998 Davor Suker (Croatia), 6

2002 Ronaldo (Brazil), 8

2006 Miroslav Klose, (Germany), 5

2010 Thomas Muller (Germany), 5


1930 Jose Nasazzi (Uruguay)

1934 Giuseppe Meazza (Italy)

1938 Leonidas (Brazil)

1950 Zizinho (Brazil)

1954 Ferenc Puskas (Hungary)

1958 Didi (Sweden)

1962 Garrincha (Brazil)

1966 Bobby Charlton (England)

1970 Pele (Brazil)

1974 John Cruyff (Netherlands)

1978 Mario Kempes (Argentina)

1982 Paolo Rossi (Italy)

1986 Diego Maradona (Argentina)

1990 Salvatore Schillaci (Italy)

1994 Romario (Brazil)

1998 Ronaldo (Brazil)

2002 Oliver Kahn (Germany)

2006 Zinedine Zidane (France)

2010 Diego Forlan (Uruguay)

As Brazil 2014 gets ready to kick off and the best players and teams in the world via for the Title of  World Champions who will be victorious,what players will light up the oposition and who can score the most. And for a lot of my neibourghs How will England fair this time. 

Only time and luck will tell good luck to all taking part in  Brazil 2014