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Aces high
Cards close to chest
Betting large
Bet after bet
Poker faced cool as can be
Sailing through life
Just being me
Played the cards
Dealt at the start
Praise to the dealer
And strength of heart

Hear my Prayer

Posted: August 3, 2014 in Random
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To the Lord above
Keep my family safe
Give them strength
A heart thats true
And civility in your mould

I follow
From your book
Of knowledge and life
Feeding the poor
And dealing with strife

To love my fellow man
With kindness and love
Living hand in hand
No conseptual mis givings

I may faulter
From time to time
As I am only human
With frailties fine
Heart of strength and honour true
A soul filled spirit
Go hand in glove
Be my guider and spirit fare
I will walk in your steps pre made


Our deliverance and articulations
Dance and fight
While we slumber on pillows of down
Transporting our subconcious body
To far of places and people there too meet

Interactions and intrepadations of situations
Not yet dealt a living breath
Guiding our future unknowingly
From sanctaty and subliminal rifts

Body sound with systematic
Twitches and bursts of motion
Fast twitch nerves goggling eyes as if in pepetual motion
Brain activity above speeds comprehended by mental states

In this sleep repair function
Muscle and organ alike regenerate
Asimilating the needs of the future
Building pathways nueral and physical
For or concious souls to invigorate
This is our sleep delving slumber
Wrappings of cotton and feathery solace