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Placed upon earth
Striving for survival
Soaking up knowledge
From all that surrounds
Eyes wide open
Ears pinned back
Eternally questioning
Those on the path

We huddle together
For safety and warmth
To banish the darkness
For protection of worth
Forward we stride
Indavidualism our sheild
Against social awareness
And the horrors it weilds

From singleton to partner
We seamlessly pass
Hero and protector
To siblings amassed
New role and stresses
Passed in our wake
Headlong and onward
With confidant aire

We are but foils
Parting the air
So others may follow
And learn on the way
It’s not for us to be forceful
Or drag them our way
Just guide and enlighten
This who would dare

Born unaware
Of our place on this earth
Kept busy just living
Battling for worth
With hard work and laughter
We find true placement for one
And social acceptance
We take our turn

Enevitability takes us by the hand
Guides us with comfort
As time does pass
Everyone safe under our charge
Prepared in the knowledge
It’s our time to pass
They take on the journey
Upon us too walk
As one with the earth
And the universes birth
We watch them and smile
From positions on high
This is our journey
The reasoning why

Repair of soul

Posted: September 14, 2014 in Random
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Diliverance and acceptance
Dance in dreams without selection
Imps and fairy’s carry away dispare
Un be known too your conciousness
As we slumber the mind is cleard
Pain is eased and preperations begun
Places visited and stories told
Completion of events gone before
Un concious selectivity amazes all
New day begins with out physicalatory stimulus
Rise fresh and new
Charged with energised abilities
Tackle the days chores and unclussions
Body and soul repaired and ready
It is a wonderful day grasp with both hands
Live it completely immersed and true
Be yourself always


The wind blows gently
Rustling the leaves
Trees swaying lightly
Too and frow
The autum gold
Flits and sails downward
finally nestling
On the amber gold bed below

That crisp crunch and rustle
As every step lands softly
On the carpet beneath
Flicking toes send cascades
Of rightious colour
High into the air
And it dances on the breeze
Before resting again

The autumnal perfume
Fills your nostrals
And inflates your lungs
With pure and wonderious
Natural endophines
Quickening the heart
And relaxing the soul
Fading turmoils fall behind
As clarity takes control of your thought

Peace of bird song
Takes you deep and fully
Away from yourself
purification and relaxation
Soul,body and mind
Once more in tune
No more hustle and bustle
Etched on the Cerebral cortex
Burnt into your soul

At one with Nature
The true and free
Floating and washing
Over every inch
External and internal
The freedom at last to be
Who you were meant to be
Carry this with you on your journey
And return often to replenish
And ground the substance
  Off your soul


Topsy turvy vortex
Emotional and strong
Loud and angry
Quiet and still
hold on tight its one big thrill

Thought provoking
Terror wrenching worry filled
Tumbiling of swell
Harmonious strengths
Destructive and pure

Turbulant is natures
Washing machine
On continual Spin
Throwing humanity and nature
Together with metioric force

What is life without
This cleanser as such
Sweeping its path
Clearing and evaporating
All in its way

To start again
Grow and develope
Begining anew
Filled with beauty
And wonders so true

Praise Turbulance and wonder at is truth