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Posted: September 25, 2016 in Random
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Within my casket 

Enclosed and trapped 

In the darkness of pains rule

Breaking free with the power of word

Lyrically embellishing pages 

For others enjoyment and perusal 

Releasing feelings and words un said

Freedom from this solitude and smirk

Emblazend light of normality

Warms and comforts the twisted soul

Warrior brave humanities gain

Oh how freedom enlightens the soul

Like the mighty Oak
With presision is felled
Stroke after stroke
The lumber jack wields
Crashing too the floor
With a creek and a moan
Loud crash and wail
As debris is strewn
Shards are tossed asunder
Other limbs and structures
Are spattered

Hoisted high
By hoist and crane
Manual labour’s  swet and strain
Hacking and sawing
Tendrils and branches hacked
Dragged away by chains off steel
Congragated on trailers long
Driven too mills to be whittled down
Turned into planks and chairs
For civilisation to use and defile more

Seeds were scattered
During the fall
Dna of strength and age
Sown in the wind
Scars of defilement abound
Seen from space aswell as ground
New life sprouts slow but true
In Virginia soil unspoilt
Out of view
Humanity tares it down
Without sadness or a frown
Thier needs are many
Unbound and sireal
How must mother nature feel

Time and nature
Nurture all
New stocks and growth
Will strongly yield
Father time and Mother earth
Will heal the scars
Machines do wield
Humanity and it’s disfigurations
Will be paid for by all countries and nations
By wind,rain and continental shifts
Volcanic flows and temperature rifts
These gifts are aplenty
A warning too all
Reminding humanity one and all


      Amongst the battles
      Of oppressions foes
      A thought for suffers left
      The brave at war
      Fighting hard in the name of peace
      Fleeing civilisation
      Condemned by rage
      Of those from within thier walls
      The truth denied by governance
      Spreading congecture through thier press
       With agendas hidden from the rest
       We the unaware can but gaze
        And pray for safe returns and battles end
       In the name of civilisations grace
       Every man to thier own
       In freedom and home
       With safety to live thier peace
    We are only humanity who
     Have imperfections and blemishes
    In clear view shown are aware
    Our differences many
    Impale and disapear
    In times of battles rage

The one
The leader
Pervayor of destiny
Champion of heart
Dreamer of dreams
Educated by knowledge
Constructed of humanity
Made of skin and bone
Indifferent to turmoil
Deaf to abusiveness
Set on my path
This journey of life

No matter
How battered
Torn apart
Ravaged by the wolves
With my scars
Battle wounds
Proudly shown to all
My prizes of life
The fuel to my determination
The propulsion too my journey
My indavidualism is the shield
Stronger than any know metal
No weapon can dent
Helmet of indifference
Defends my ears
Putrid hatred spews
Washes over my armour
My soul is untouched

Onward to my destiny
With my weapons
Driven with heart,soul and personality
Loving of self
Awareness of surroundings
Mapping all in front of me
The highest acheivements are mine
Despite all the trials laid in my path
I am a warrior
Leader of men
By actions verbal and physical
Teacher of calm
Educator by example
This is the code of the free
Despite your trials
Live your own life
Your way is the best
Only you know yourself
And what is required too be
Walk the path with prides flag
Held aloft at its highest
Waver not infront of any man

W agging fingers of politics
A rmies thrown as stones
R egardless of outcomes face


Flanders Field
Once green and peaceful lay
Until those fateful days
Where rivers of crimson red
Flowed in endless streams
Scattered torsos of fallen men
Lay twisted and torn
Lifeless and still they breath no more
Lives given in the name of freedoms repatriation
Fighting as brothers side by side
Under hails off bullet and she’ll

Hero’s everyone following orders
With convictions verve of selfless soles
We the generatory survivors remember
With pride in our hearts and a tear in our eye
The sacrifice eternally given so we could live free
By so many soles through our histories reign
From the First War too present day

These Battalions of soles with pride
Have given free of self-thought
To free and battle oppressiveness
Regardless of reason or orientation
Thank you one and all
With all our hearts we praise and revere you
Never too be forgotten
Alive in our hearts and minds for ever more


The mist has decended
Eyes burning within
Muscles contorted and tight
Rail road engines crashing in my skull
Words falling on barron ground
Indaviduals wanton abandon
Consume and deafen loved ones
Assistancess and partnerships vannished
Alone in this void
Smuthered in the darkness
Constantly battling too survive
Fighting for freedom
The grasp of pain fueled dipressiveness
Ever stronger , ever deeper
what too do Now
Sleep the slumber of intention
Fates choice to awaken or not
Wings furled preperations made
Good night and hopeful fairwell
To this angst and dark state
Seaking brighter lighter days
With Peace

Taken Hold

Posted: September 25, 2014 in Random
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Head and limbs drooped
Body gnarled and twisted
Organs compressed and wracked
Dull and sullen conformity
Shrouded in mist and darkness
The days light and joy
Terrified and aloof
Mirky soallessness in full control
Chemical formulations inept
Pain and dipressiveness rule
Alone in this crouded place
Miss understood bewilderment surrounds
Expectations of normalities service
Scattered and expelled from view

It has taken hold
   fullness of control
The demons laugh and dance
    kindness searches
Battle for freedom in full flow
     distruction of self
Striking for peace and releif
    the bodies forces strive
Supported and boosted by
  medical advancements attempts
Still no cure for perception or feeling
   Low and disruptive angsts

Glints of true steel

Posted: September 24, 2014 in Random
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In life we toil
Surroundings and natures play
Oppressed by Governance and society

Programmed by Media,Society,Teachings and Expectations

Filled with individuality
Striving too shine and escape
Self existance

Weilding Steely determination like the social samurai invoking changes

Conseptual realities fall
Put to the blades of self control
Sliced and hacked

Power of individuality spews fresh and clear washing over and cleansing all

The steal glints and warns that this life is directed and strong
Untaintable by the putrid stench or colourisations
Free to be

Forging true paths
Forcing others to step aside in acceptance
Of fortitude and steely strength within


Joined the ranks
Brave men of all ages
Subscriptors to the cause
For King and Country
Without thought of self
Too fight and serve
In lands far away
Against Tyrone and opression
Unknown terrors awaited
Entrenched,cold and wet
In feilds once peiceful
They launched over the top
Attacking a foe as scared as them
The majority lay dead or dieing
Where they fell
Wave upon wave,time and again
History heralds there bravery true
The memeories held by me and you
Nations remember the dead and brave
That gave up their freedoms
So others could live