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Darkness I hate you
You haunt me
Stealing my light
And every shade of my day
Dragging me down
Making me frown
Swirled through my dream state
Sleeping with eyes wide
Trembling with fear
Look like a zombie
Sallow and gray
Depressions indemnabilities
Spaced and distressed
Gone is my ego,confidance and more
Shunned by my family
Pushed into the unknown
Left to flail around
On the baronest of ground
Here is my fight
And dreams of the light
Hope limp and listing
Still hanging around
Praise to the gods
For releaf from my pains
But most of all understanding
By the societies hoards



Posted: July 16, 2014 in Random
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Devoid of wrappings
Non materialistic ensconcements
As nature intended
Flesh tones complexities
Dry or oily
Taughtness of youth
Relaxed and wrinkled with age
Birthday suit of valour
Scars and blemishes worn with pride
Confidance grows abundantly
Self exprecive and raw
Dimples of life’s journey
Endorse the aging process
Acceptance of appearance
Inheritantly difficult choice
Media supported declasification of type
Confussions reign supream
Beauty of naturalistic forces
Bestowed upon all
Grasped and understood
Propels indaviduals egotisic
Mastery of inner selective ability
Strength of abilities shine
With cognitive expresiveness
Be aware and pride in own skin
Promotion of cofidances higher states
Non reliance of formations social
Be the one you were meant to be
Embrace self inhancement