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The click of hobnail boots fills the air
The lonesome shrill of the pipes
Sends shivers down the spine
Shadows dance a reel upon silent ramparts
The city sleeps oblivious and deep
The guard changes as if blind
Onlookers feel the vibrations and watch the show
Mother moon winks and enlightens the sky
The memories flood and decades flash before us
The sun slowly rises
And the opticalities of the dark vanish
Once more normality grasps us all
Birds sing and the shadows disapear
Life quickens and our brains question
What went before us
Unsure and swithering


I have suffered from nerve and muscular pain from am early age. Dibilitating at times stopping me from joining in with PE at school and other fun stuff.
  I was told by medical professionals to just do light exercise ie swimming,cycling and walking. And to take my meds along with a healthy diet.
  Until I met a physio therapist called John,who showed me the importance of flexibility, range of motion and strength in muscle tone. And the truth behind the benefits for my condition 8f exercise and development.
So carefully and gently I introduced running,climbing and bodyweight exercise. Playing football with my mates and learning gymnastics and dance. Before I knew it I was able to run long or short distance,flexibility was a lot better and my range of motion was excellent compared to previous.
  Now I was lucky I found the right advice at an early age. And was able to nurture my progression and pain at the same time.
  Through exercise and diet my bodies production of its natural chemicals which assist immune system,energy production,nerve and brain development and other chemical reactions that occur within our bodies systems. Was greatly improved and because of this pain management,calorie/fat conversion and many more processes were significantly better .
  The external support of physio , coaching,medical and many more. Assisted the education development, withdrawl of meds and introduction of appropriate others,increase in dietary knowledge and all aspects of life.
    Allowing me to take up sports and other activities as a teenager too joining the armed forces and becoming a qualified nurse.
  I am now 40 years old and was diagnosed with Fybromyralga at the age of 28. Finally I had understanding of my nerve and pain condition. Unfortunately the medical professional I dealt with at the time set me on the roller coaster of tests and more tests. Higher amounts of meds and more pain and discomfort,lathergy,  dipression,anger,dispare,lower drive and many more. And was informed after 5 years nothing would me done until I ended up in hospital or a wheel chair. I had went from 12 stone too over 20, suffered from continual pain/discomfort,had an asthmatic condition and was not in a good frame of m8nd or mental place.
At that point I decided to get bk on my bike literally and start swimming. Sorted my diet out,stopped smoking,comfort eating and started living. Self motivation returned and looking at my kids as they grew up my drive and determination increased.  The more weight I lost the healthier I felt the more varied exercise I took part in .
  The variety of tasks I could perform increased and within 24 months I had plumited down to under 18 stone. Lost 6 inches around my waist and  qualified as a personal trainer (fitness). And even though I am still in 24/7 pain and constant discomfort I have used my experience and knowledge to transform the mental and physical knowledge and  appierance of many clients,friends and family.
   No matter your disability or condition performing as much exercise as possible with the right informed assistance and correct diet. Supported by the right nutritional and medical advice and plans. There is no reason why better health is not achievable for all.
  It will take time, stacks of patience,support, tough love and determination.So the individual can achieve short or long term goals but I can truelly say in the long term it is deffinatly worth it.


  Biometric circumference
  Neural pathways flooded
  Infomative image collectability
Transitional sectors abound
Do we see what is real
Are we deceaved by perceptions   
Does our brain sypher correctly
The visualality thrust apon it’s fibres Sociality and expectations of status
Exudes pressures untold upon self
Escapism saught to atain enlightenment
Virtual fractures free us
Or ecompass the bars that entrap
Are we truly ever free

Who, What, why the concept

Posted: October 18, 2014 in Random
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What to do
Conseptualisation of events
Where too go
Response to an action
What to be
Triggers from society’s direction
What too say
Reactive behaviour too abilities shown
What about me
Selectiveness attained by knowledge

The trueness of realisations condemned by virtues placed before us
Interactions stifled by responses
Freedoms quashed by social imbalances
Be True too self and aware
Continuation of growth
Both social and personal
We are what and who we are meant too be despite exterior intentions


Watching through hazes
Conseptualised by prompts
External interferences clamber
Tugging and jostling for control
Spinning idealism skyward
Chances missed or overlooked
Dreams squewed and thwarted
Opaic opticals sectionalised
Transmissions garbled by technological ploys
Throwing individual attempts in a spin
Crawling advances splutter along
Passing all by with selfishness
Wonder nor ideas stream free
Life omitted by carnivorous thought
Sinner or Saint be named
Being self in many guises
Spewed life forces explode around
Filled with gay abandons spritly gate
Onward and forward in all directions we plow


Outsiders fear the covenant
Its internal support and bond
Baffeling to those looking in
As they search to grow networks
Like veins and arteries
Transporting nutients throughout
All different and indavidual
Syncronised as one
Place over countries and nations
Physical and communicatory bliss
The power of communication
The shelter of the Pack like bretherin
No task is too great no spells cast
We are there wholely and in truth
For each other no matter what
No need for dailly connections
The understanding of unities frame
Encopasses all completely
Relax in the covan and enjoy
Spread the message and love
From within deep by your actions
Smile and let its beauty enthrall
Powering your core to acheive
As indaviduals but also as family
In friends we trust and strengthen self
Now and forever more
The unspoken covenant is the basis
Build your foundations strong and true
No need to be alone or feel unwanted

The Watcher

Posted: August 26, 2014 in Random
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Eyes pearcing and aware
Soak up countless images
Interpret and analyse
Store informations countless formats
Motionless and silent
No pre requisite actions noticed
Indifferance too unreferenced
Targets hot locked
Jamming of acquisition futile
Emotiveless features
Sullen and barren

Interceptual task
Explosive and direct
Actions swift and meaningful
Targets dismissed and dealt with
Disturbance to suroundings minimal
Civilization unaware of commotion
Agressors of all natures
Nulified without exterior awareness
Return to emotive stillness
Complete and swift
Even the victim of attack oblivious

Secure and unknowing
Dailly tasks completed
Life un ruffled by events
Smooth transition of day too day
Area secure and sterilised
Normality reigns supreme
Without compulsion
No praise or thanks transferred
Oblivious too watchers state or task
Nameless and invisable

Thanks to the protectors the watchers of soul.


Convictions of thought
True spirits vitue
Determination drives
Every muscle charged full
Target goal set strong
Gallop staight and just
Doubter and haters fall
Unstoppable forces of self
Inner strength bares confidance
Fortatude developes defiance
Cataclismic explosive intent
Strives and stimulates future
Warrior bold straddled
Stead of fiery intent
Un daunted by barracades
Set by social indifferance and fear
Striding along intensions path

Truth,honesty,selfless and honourable
Rider and steads undoutable oneness


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Insanity reigns alone
Thoughts pass through
Devoid of tenderness
Solitude of emotionality
The blade glints in the light
Grasped in calm hand
Silence of onlookers screams
Hiden in the void
Skin pale lifeless hew
One diagonal stroke
Followed by verticle swish
Crimson darkness exudes from veins
Spewing onto the paleness below
Slumped life cascades
Soulless and cold
Shallow gaze filled releif