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I dread failing
I strive to be the best I can
I fear you make the mistakes I did
I teach you right from wrong
Learned through the year
By being strong enough too take the chances
I lead by example
Scattering crumbs for you too follow
Neon and bright heavy enough to stay put
I fear you are blind too my help
I cringe to think I am not good enough
I take the blame for all indiscretions
Because the ones that should are not strong enough
I fear nothing that happens to me or is brought to my door
Looking into your eyes lost and searching
Answering every call at break neck speed
To save you everytime you fall
I am that punchbag for all your hate and pain
I fear you will fall and I can’t catch you
My only fear is leaving you Un prepared and naked
Too the devilishness of humanity
And not being thier to pull you through
Don’t live in my fear please fly free
Be the best you can be
Without me beside you grow fast learn hard
Never fear I will always love you and be thier for you


      Societies asimilation
      Oritory of conceptions
      Media led instruction
      Governance with subliminality
      Brain washed with every sense
      Senses awash with miss    information
      Humanity void of indavidualism
      Sheep mentality grows
      Indaviduals shunned and melined
      Be yourself and rise
      Become the brightest light
      Wear the colours of change
      Become who you want too be
      Not a DROID of humanisation
      Be self with pride
      Expand your world beyond
      The conceptual boundaries
      Live your lives to the fullest
      Become your dreams and ambitions


Tare my sinues
Scratch my skin
Etch me black and blue
Burn my cortex
By slanderous bile
Push me to the floor
As you hover above
Stand well clear
As the flames do rise
This phoenix with fight in its eyes
Spreading my wing
Full with beauties suprise
Soaring above you
In clarity of sky
Free with my dreams
Outstretched and new
Striding for goals
New and so bold
Your punch bag no longer
Deaf too your spew
I am my hero
Bold, loving and true
From this day forward
I promise to be myself and my spirit
And lay waste to thee

You do not know me
Or the road I travel
Born a gambler
With the deck from hell
Playing the cards
The original dealt me
Poker faced, cold as ice
Devoid of emotion
I sit at the table
Not tell or distinguishing be trail
Play them hard
Keep them honest
The sharks and demons
Fall apart
Far on journeys
Changes of direction
Never swaying true too self
People come and people go
Never a glance or sombre fair well
Those that stay have lived a story
Intersected and entwined of my own
We are true friends family close
Never further than dialling tone
Raise for future ready to battle
Party hard and evils scattered
I am me a wondrous soul
never deflected
Battle scared an honour to bare
Free soul and stronger of nature
I am my self and proud to be so


Mist Shrouds the strong
The sinuses strain
Preasures plunge us deeper
Hovering tenuously over a prosopis
Tall and strong in one hand
Feeble and weak on the other
Heart of oxen’s many
Eyes of a keen eagles glare
Backs stronger than any steel
Faith unwavering
Love to envelope the universe
scathed and scalded
We wander oblivious
The trueness of self drives us
Inspiring others too follow
We the individuals grow strong and true
Leaders one and all


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                   Gazing into the eyes
          Of this unrecognisable person

                   Scarred and Bruised
         By aflixctions born not aquired

           Unreconizable against self
       Internal image confused by form

                  Confidances twisted
        By dailly contoversy and abuse

                       Arms stronger
           Outstretched and grasping

                        From this entity
     Pulling both self and image as one

                Power and satisfaction
        Cource freely through this flesh

            Enpowered and stimulated
       Strides forward made with pride

                           This is me
     I am what I see and this makes me

                Haters and doubters
         Wallow in your putrid fears

          Entrapped by Inadiquant
   Doubts of egotistical Socialisms

                 The Cover doesnt
           The book or story make

           Jugmentalism fails you
Reflectiveness empowers and elevates