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Genetically resembling a number
Inferiorities bound
Holding mentality hostage
Confusion reigns supreme
Visually you resemble your years
Inwardly you continually battle
Disfunction of miss represented truth
Contortion of genetisisms
Growth stifled and slow
Education jigsaw like
Inferior imperfections shine
Believe in yourself
Fight at the forefront
Medicated slowness
Contemptual abrassions
Societies lackluster grasp of reality
Break the mold and rise
Mind of the lost
Who is to judge you
Self worths perpetual motion


  Living with the mixed up world off a

As an adult it has made constant bedtime reading. To try and come too terms with what these disorders mean for our 13 year old son.
    I would help him understand whete he fits if we atleast have a clue what we are seeing. And that we then need to get for him or do to help.
    The Scottish Education department are very reluctant to diagnose these conditions or deal with them relevantly. In our experience since Patrick was 4 and started Main Stream School. The Educational Phycology department refused to allow Patrick too attend a Special Needs School even a few days a week. As in there specialist opinion he was copeing well at his level with school !!!!!.
   Patrick was diagnosed with a 3.5 year learning delay at 5 . Which was not propperly dealt with educationally with appropriate help or assistance. This continued and still was a problem when finally diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 9 years. So now there are two things to consider , the teachers at his school done 110% with the knowledge and equipement they had.
    This asside the system was drastically lacking in any consistancy. They were failing to do the proper reporting on him or his developement.

So Patrick has litterally been treading water since he started School. Being Bullied daily by his peers and others because of his condition ect. Not wanting to go too school,shutting things away , not telling anyone what was happening or interacting with school work properly.
   This was acceptable too education department proffessionals !!!. Which as Parents was very disconcerting and annoying. So we banged our heads of every door and wall we came across fighting for him too get what he deserved too grow and improve.
   Then there was the input of Grandparents that deny to this day that he has any issues at all. Filling his head with rubbish that a) he dont need and b) that doesnt help his growth and developement . As if things were not hard enough for him and the rest of our  family unit.
   We were getting totally down and finding it hard to find away to get things done.

As a family we have always wanted to move but finding the house and area we wanted was slow. But then an offer of a house came to our salvation,so off I went to the area in question to view the property. While waiting on veiwings ect I saught schools for Patrick especially then David 10 and Emma 4. In the period of a few days I had viewed the property and found 3 schools with spaces for all the kids.
  This know jst relied on passing all the checks ect for the property. The packing begins just incase its a yes. Preparing everyone for our move which for some you would think we were moving to outerspace.
  Two weeks later we got the news we hoped for and we had 2 weeks to move in. Hard work and persiverance had paid off.
  Patrick would be attending a Special Needs School with all the assistance he requires. 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house and appropriate Schooling for the other kids job done !!.
   Its a few months since the move and everything for the family unit and Patrick are a lot better. There are a few programming issues to iron our re Patricks behaviour and thought process but there is time.

(This is just an outline of what we as a family have went through to get too where we are)