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In to storms we sail
Reaching our destinations
Acheiving goals at hand
Trimming sails
Traveling on the wind
Storms blow hard
Waves try to crush us
As emotive flies
Stuck to the deck
As insects to paper
Mother nature tries to quash us
Horses 6 foot high
Thunder on the fabric around us
Our vessel tossed and thrown
Too and frow
With our life jackets firm
We cling on for our lives
Staring ourselves onwards
Terrified and shaken
We qwiver
Driven by our determinations
We battle on
No storm or darkness
Can last forever
Power on to the lighter sky
Golden gilt edged clouds
Barely visible in the distance
Tantalise and tease
Gifting hope
Of calm a reward of survival

Day after day
Night onto night
We the crew in life
Tend our craft
Seamanship tested to the full
Fortitude and endevours
Questioned and remarked
Supplies and sustanance drawn
Searching for ports
To wait out our storm
Being one with the mirk
Seasoned well by the sea
A meal tenderised by the storm
Prepared feast plated
Ready for service
The patrons of the deep
Seated and ready
For the service of sustanance
But we battle hard
Steering true
Onwards we go faith in hand
The good ship stays fast
It’s crew take heart
Fight and pull together
Stronger by the day
At last the golden glow
Sun peeks through
An oasis in the dark
Birds apear a song so sweat
Hearts are lifted
Bodies and compartments
Dry and warmed
Life is easier
Even though precarious
Living on knifes edge of hope
Land is bright
On our chart
Hope of visualisation grows
Fight grows stronger in us
Our port and safety
Is closer we lust for confirmation
That glimpse of civility
Mother nature tries to teach
Reminding us we are meer tenants
She rules and governs us
Harsh and peaceful all at once
Returning balance to everything
Land oh how you are beauty
We speed closer
Smiles on faces colour in skin
Humanity survived
Strength and humility
Joy floods our soul
Seas calming brightness Shrouds
Molly coded and comforts
Rewarding us for our attentions
Delivery back to the living
Pride envelops us
Acheivement fills our core
Praise of life glow of joy
Happiness returns
Piloted through the break
Guided and delivered
Returned to our communities breast
Families gather
Banners waved tears fall frealy
We return victorious and humble
Better personages because of our trials
Home safe once more
The balance and eb
In our control for now
Ship moored safe and true
Bobbing gently against the jetty
The world smiles with us
As we walk home
Hand in hand with our parity
Alive and well blessed and free


Dear followers and friends

I am looking for new avenues to share my poetry and writings. And also to boost my followers to the magic 500+. I would be great full for any help on this from you all, I will post as often as possible. This is an exciting time for me in work,life and writing so I am very busy on all fronts. I hope this finds you all well and that your endeavours are greatly received.

Yours Brian


I miss you
Where did you go
Lost and alone
I stumble and trip
Fallen I lie still

My guide where are you
The love it hangs
Undying and caged
No key to be found
Not even by me

Where ever you are
I pray you are safe
Growing ever stronger
In time and space
Surrounded by friends
Family close

To think of you lonely
Breaks my heart string
My dearly departed
Partner and friend
I love you forever
You’re in my thoughts
Too the end

Our truth and compassion
Still illuminate your space
Lighting my path
And keeping me safe
My shoulder to cry on
The clown in my life
The inspirations
For striving and doing my best

I see you in day light
I smell you around
In each beautiful flower
And blossoms abound


Dear Friends and Followers

I have been asked to put together a poetry book. But am struggling with what poetry too put in it !!!, whether to use my present works or do all new material.
So ideas and some advise from you my wonderful followers would be awesome.

This is something I never thought would happen for my work so quite nervous but stoked at the same time.
Thank you in advance your input will be greatly appreciated.

Your friend



Battling with anything is stressfull on a min-min,hour-hour and day to day basis.
  It can be anything trivial, minor, personal, public, or social for example.
  The thought processes and way we deal with these issues is of ultimate importance.

Family and Friends are all important and formulate a close and handy support network. “Yes we dont beleive they know or understand how we feel”
  But they do !!! , they live with the problem aswell as your action/reaction to any situation. They feel your pain, stress and disolution with whatever the problem is. And often feel helpless and are the but and striking point for your frustrations. At the end of it all we are all human and are not experts or infalable in any situation.
   I have many times struck out in some way at those closest too me as imidiate affect of some situation or other. “This however doesnt really help anyone and makes everything more complicated”
  Your feelings of being miss understood and victomised are then forced on others making them the victom and demorolised. Why ? because you blame then for your situation or not understanding. When actually its Us that are at fault for our inadiquate acceptance of our own situation and refusal to take proper advice and use it.

In any situation like this we feel alone, misunderstood, fear and dispare. By alienating those around us we amplify this making us more Alien and alone in a crowd.
   Finding the cause for our dispare and properly dealing with it in a proper and sencible manner. Talking to Friends and Family or Specialist to find better ways of managing and dealing with the situation. Builds a better environment and self help first aid kit for these times.

I do realise that this is not easy at all and I am no expert although I have regular dealings with this type of situation. So speak from experience and knowledge of similar advice and support chains. Please think before you explode , talk and discuss with those around you , seak proffessional help and follow the action plans put in place for you. Honest it helps greatly as does doing as much exercise as possible and eating smart. As it has been proven that proper diet and regular exercise has a major impact on Physical, Mental, Social and Medical issues that people suffer throughout life making things easier.
  It is all hard at the begining as the body and its systems are not used to the actions and exertions. Making things feel worse but this will only last for a few months at most as the body, mind ect get used to the changes then life gets easier and better. You have provided yourself with a brilliant de stressing tool and it doesnt have to cost the earth.

This is my opinion and my thought on how I have dealt with things I know situations are different. But through research and advice I know that it does have a great impact on any situation.

Please Seek Help And Make Healthier Lifestyle Choices. And Talk too Someone when Feeling Low and in Dispare.


            ( an insite into how I cope )
                  ( My Own therapy)
                      ( And Assists)

After a trip to my Doctor for full service check. It was nice to get a medical prespective on my Fybro and how I deal with it.

I have suffered with total numbness in my left side,acompanied with severe pins and needles for 11+ years if not longer. Joint pain and stiffness with burning sensation only really noticed recently.
   The last 3 years have been the best since diagnosis. With a change in dietry habits and exercise along with Meds and proper rest. Throw in deep massage and hydro therapy I have ,
A) Lost 10+ stone
B) Improved Mobility
C) Lessened the effect on bodies systems
D) Improved mental and physical health



A concious effort to ensure proper eating and nutrient intake. Changing to best intake scedule/timings,and plenty fresh fruit,veg and meats/fish.
  The effects on the body are amazing over time,better energy,nutrient,cell and chemical production. Improved mobility,brain function,strength,flexability and pain management.
Which for any severe medical or health management is in my findings important.
Vegetables and Fruit:

Spinich,broccolli,Kale,Avacado,blueberies,brussel sprouts,onion,garlic,lemon grass,star fruit,pineapple,mango,peas,beans,
The key is the recommended 5 a day and learn how to juice or make your own smoithies. As it is the best way to get a lot of nutrients into your body fast.
  Fresh or frozen is best as the most nutrients are all trapped in the chosen fruit or veg.
These are the best ways to prepare your fruits or veg apart from naturaly raw.

Meats and Fish:

Grass fed meats are best as they gave only natural nutrients and a far better taste. Yes they are slightly more expencive sometimes but well worth it too reap the benifits.
  Lean meat like pork,lamb,veil,venison,rabbit,chicken,turkey,pheasant,beef,boar and emu
  Freshly caught fish full of Omaga three and natural nutrients. Oily fish are great as well as for exampleTuna,trout,salmon and snapper.

Always have a breakfast this is of ultimate importance as it fuels the body for the entire day. Then your neals tgroughout the day top up your calories keeping the bodies systems from producing spikes of nutrients and keeping the bodies homiostasis.
  Also this will assist any medication and help prevent degridation of stomach lining due to corrossion from meds ect.
Inbetween breakfast,lunch and dinner add a snack half way between each this stops exess hunger and binging. Throught the day by keeping the fuel levels topped up. And eat no later than 7pm to allow proper digestion and stop excess fat stores being built up.




Cutting out excess’s of salt,sugars and high levels of fats is also very important. As well as weight management this will improve your lifestyle,mood,ability,social,private ang general health for life.


Swimming is one of the best for anyone very low impact but by using every muscle you tone and build the whole body. All this while burning fat and assisting digestion,brain function,flexability,strength and mobility.
Cycling is another low impact but brilliant form of exercise that assists and doesnt cause excess pain or discomfort.
Then there is good old walking at a raised pace to keep the heart rate up. This is one of the easiest forms of exercise and its free.

Always Consult Your Doctor Before Begining Any Exercise Programme or activity.

Using these small changes I have mannaged to control to some point any effects on my health,body and lifestyle that Fybromyralga has caused or may still be too come.
  Doctor was chuffed that my meds are constant and not exessive. Did give me a small ticking off for not using them daily but conceeded that it seems to be working for me.

Take Control Do What You Can And Improve Your Life and Wellbeing Forever.