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Staring at the looking Glass

The figure dim looks back

The sullen look features  drooped

No sparkle in the eyes

Sagging skin and contorted format

Changes beyond belief

That sparkle gone and spark put out

No sign of life within

Its astounding how it’s all locked down

And hidden from plain sight

Grasping and fighting to get it back

A battle fought on an hourly round

That smile under pinned and replaced by frowns

The mask adorned as I step out the door

A sterling job is done

For those I see don’t find the real me

As they smile and joke along

Oh how I miss that tender me

Hidden deep inside

I know my strength and personable hew

Will return with a flash and bang

But the waiting kills a part of me 

With every second that pass

The sympathy of others just seems 

Too pound in another nail 

Oh how demoralising can it be 

To see that coffin built

No I am not physically dying

Just the fire inside

So don’t morn or cry for me

Look for the heart inside


Carrying the hopes
Upon the winds of freedom
The delicate winged beauty
Navagates the world below
Turmoils and defecation
Scattered assunder
The meek deep in prayer
Power every beat
Dreams written in antisipation
The deliverer delicate and pure
Blessed are the doves
Strength above strength
Carried on the wind


Posted: January 2, 2016 in Random
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I wish to turn life around
That frown upside down
The dark into light
Night into day
And take all those pains away

I wish for compassion
World peace and acceptance
For health and wealth to those who need
For food,shelter and warmth for all

I wish that those in control
Get punished for thier sins
And that those suffering get freedom
The sun too shine and warm the sky
And nature to be carried by

These are the wishes of a humble man
Who isn’t shy of working hard
Defending the meek
And striking out for the weaker guy
Gentle and strong
Tough but fair
A father,A son and friend so dear

And most of all I Wish You The Best
Whether Friend,Family,Aquaintance or pest
To those who meline or try to distress
I wish for realisation and recompence


Follow the tempo
Feeling free
Dreams of gold
You and me
Places visited
Times of fun
People lost
And love on the run
Sunshine and storm
Brightest of light
Darkest of night
Achieving the best
Fighting the fears
Falling down holes
Rasing the flags
Follow your dreams
Make it a class
Faster than sound
Hit the ground running
And reach for the stars


In the fullness of time

All the Dreamers will value

The comprehensions and attitudes

They have divulged and consumed

For generations and eions


Perseptual isimilation of  factual time

Careses thier inner sanctum

And stimulates and charges 

The energetic core

Propelling Dreams into solidified actions

Then shall there world expand

In explosions of sycadelic and vivid

Self made splendour

Finaly lifting there aspirational faze

Out of societies

Putrid and enblackend ses pool

Of Normal Life