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The wait

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Random
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Still and calm
Watching every rippled motion
cognitive awareness
Simplistic and seemless
Comprehension of time flows
Concentration peeks
Time of action
speechless and controlled
anticipatory jitters
Excitement consumes space
Activity reacts
Wonder,joy and results emerge
The fruits of your labours
Obtained and held close
Faith in time,space and achievements
Worth while as victorious claims

New Day

Posted: May 22, 2014 in Random
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Infestation of delight
Filling thy cup too the brim
Overflowing with extatic rapture
Beaming from ear to ear
Electric tingling displacement
Glowing prickly skin reseptors
Antisipatory anguish
Dizzy light headedness begins

The joy and wonder of the new dawn
Sunlight spilling over the window cill
Enveloping the brick a brack
In golden delight
Warming the air and atmosphere
What does this wonder
Have instore

Going forth with eyes wide open
Into the electric blue
With clouds free and whispy
Praise for this new begining
Ready to take all chances
Offered and welcomed
Making vitious luck
With every step on the way

Blessed and wonderious new day