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Posted: September 26, 2016 in Random
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Walking down cobbled streets

The stone built houses meet and greet

Tudor ,Gorgian and Victorian too

Seamlessly mixed contented as new

Stroll up the hill through the groves

To be met by hills,fells and more

No matter the weather there is always things too do

The life of a town in the country heart

No stress just relaxation from the start

No happier home have I found

The gateway too the lakes is where it’s at

People come and people go but this is home for ever more

Wet nose on my face

That caring paw upon my chest

The high pitch bark and wagging tale

Full face smile with sparkling eyes

Those hugs and snuggles when ull or hurt 

My Big Red companion full of Irish grace

You may be larking over Rainbow bridge

With the four pawed brethren gone before

But your closer than ever nearer to me 

Deep in my heart and the memories dear

Big Red for ever from first day too last

Till we meet again on the pastures at last

Emerald green life filled form
On our limbs we hang around
Parrasol like in canopy’s massed
Pointing down to the grass
Filtration units nature born
In woods and forrests we act as one
A shaded spot,cool for you to rest
A climbing frame or place too nest
We support your lives day to day
We are the structures you build and play
We enliven the world in form and colour
From springs fresh life to autumnal flourish
We leaves and trees grace your space
This planet of ours saving grace
So while your out strolling around
Spare a thought for the lives all around
Treat us well keep us true
Without a thought we care for you.
Never Leaf us from your mind.

On fields now cold
These heroes bold
Laid down thier soles
So that we could be free
From tyronies grasp
And horrific days

Without thought they charged
Under fire and hale of molten metal
From land mine charge to IED
At home and lands far from here
With pride and determination
They pushed forward
Bannishing enemies and tyrants
Making safe and holding firm

We honour them
By acheivements bold
A poppy on our chest
2 minutes of reflection on this day
And every day we live
They will and should never be forgotten
Man,woman,child or animal
They deserve our patriotic aplause
No matter your race,colour or religion

They gave thier blood
The sacraficed the highest
No grater deed by the few
For the good of the many
We shall remember them
Hounour and praise
Thanks and adoration
Forever and ever

The fear shows
Your mask has dropped
The terrors of past
Leap from your face
That golden shroud
Is dull and faded

You breath shallow
Shirk at the least sound
Qwiver perfusely
Slumped in the dark dingy space
Alone in this crowd
Seperated from me
Even though I hold your hand

What torment
Has befell you before
Without a knight too speed you away
I attempt and endevour
To whisk you off
On my steed
Traveling free Heart emblazened
Soul lifted higher than mirk
Smile enelibly etched on your face

I am humble
Work tirelessly and hard
Lavish you with what I have
Give every second that I can
My heart will be yours
Without fault or provication
Till the peace decends
And the happiness takes control
The void befallen you
I wish to Bannish or fill

Be mine
Completely as one
Let our hearts heal each other
Time wash us clean
Cleansing rays of light
Envigour our souls forever
I will love you always
Without question
From a distance if I must
But entertwind together as one
From this day forward
Your knight now and for eternity

My sweetheart  I Love you
Lying here wind tussling my hair
Mud caked deep on my torso
With all my heart I smile
Your sweet perfume
Gentle touch and silken flesh
Calm my panicked sole
I feel no pain
As cold grasp’s firm
And my body dulls
Life freely seeping from me
You are my everything
And my reason too be
Unfortunately my duty
Has cut our adventure short
Carry on living now I am gone
Safe in the knowledge
I will always keep you safe
A watchful eye from above
Farewell and goodbye
Until  we meet again
In pastures new for life evermore


Daydreams of what could be
Watching days drift by
Chilling in the sun
You and I
Side by side
One day at a time
Growing together
Aging fast
Brothers and sisters
Born of different Dna
Thrown together
In early years
Friends now and forever
We will be
No distance or time
Will separate
The unity of togetherness
The family of unity
We friends of similar heart


Apon the softness
She lay still
Calm and peaceful
As if a dream
Shrouded in silken wings
Enwrapped and soothed
Spirited away from harms
Floating on clouds
They drift free
Enriched by light
As one unified
Peace and clarity blaze
The princess at rest
Her beast of burden protects
Sharing everything
One heart ,one soul entwined forever


On my thrown in my place
I pervey all around
From the smallest insignificance
To the mightiest and most valuable
Passing on my virtues
And advising the unaware
Am I meek and quiet
Or do I rule with iron rod
I am self and strong
My land before me lies
Free and non descriptive
Pleasure and pain combine
All the same in every aspect
Protected by virtues rule
Domain of the free and alive

I separate the chaff
Indelibly imprint the map
Deep within your heart
Then let you go
Too run free

Wherever you roam
And wanderings take you
I am their beside you
Closer than close
Invisible but larger than life

In lives trials
I pull you through
Guiding and leading the way
Free from guilt and dispare
The light shines brightest

When your heart feels
The deepest thoughts
Bringing us bk together
Always and forever
As one completeness

In death as in life
We share all
For better or worse
Companions evermore
The separation plains
Can not rip us apart

For we are LOVE ITSELF forever more