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Mist Shrouds the strong
The sinuses strain
Preasures plunge us deeper
Hovering tenuously over a prosopis
Tall and strong in one hand
Feeble and weak on the other
Heart of oxen’s many
Eyes of a keen eagles glare
Backs stronger than any steel
Faith unwavering
Love to envelope the universe
scathed and scalded
We wander oblivious
The trueness of self drives us
Inspiring others too follow
We the individuals grow strong and true
Leaders one and all


Day dawns fresh and clear
Clouds dance in air light and free
New ideas germinate
Drawing strength from nutrients
Hidden deep beneath the earth
Taking shape and reaching up
Driven by hunger
Full of desire
Flung into action by you and I
First steps of many
One after the other
Striking down paths invisibly set
These are the wishes and hopes of fate
Waiting patiently at the gates
Grasp them strong and hold them tight
Lets combine lives and take golden flight


Intersections of memories
Cascading together
Atom on atom
molecules exploding
Time flies past
Terrors running riot
Peace and serenity
Thrown asunder
Mind controls matter
Fears fill my gaze
complexion pale and clamie
Exudes the facade
The smile pinned tight
Fooling the majority
Where as the grimmis off fear
Meets me In the mirror
Why me
What have I done
Please release me from this fate


In common place
I wonder free
Looking normal as can be
Fully of joy
Intelligence bound
Not a flaw to be found
Then the monster wakes
And the mind does shake
Turmoil and pain
Of past indiscretions play
Vivid and clear
Only I can see
Re living every motion
Feelings flood and heart does race
Until true love does quench its need
Returning eventually
To civilities normalities vein


The mist has decended
Eyes burning within
Muscles contorted and tight
Rail road engines crashing in my skull
Words falling on barron ground
Indaviduals wanton abandon
Consume and deafen loved ones
Assistancess and partnerships vannished
Alone in this void
Smuthered in the darkness
Constantly battling too survive
Fighting for freedom
The grasp of pain fueled dipressiveness
Ever stronger , ever deeper
what too do Now
Sleep the slumber of intention
Fates choice to awaken or not
Wings furled preperations made
Good night and hopeful fairwell
To this angst and dark state
Seaking brighter lighter days
With Peace


Posted: September 25, 2014 in Random
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Invisable staring into space
  Undiscript emotions in my head
    Thoughtless nature of those around
Involantary the gloom that fills me
  Consumed by the actions of others
     Crushed the origanality of self
Twisted my mental pictures
   Dispare at the solitude forced on me
      Anger thrives on dipressiveness
Contimplation thoughts of the end
    Evil the formulated plans
       Discust at self loathing and pain
Indaviduals pass by without care
    Screams fall silent on others ears
        Friends seem to vannish into thin air

its cold and dark here in this place alone and scared just me and my pain dragging into dipressions parlour

Dark Angel Desends

Posted: September 11, 2014 in Random
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Bright sunny day out there
Not a cloud to interupt
People laughing and joking
All in clear view humanity thrives
Here I am shadow shrouded
Dimness of visuality
Eyes like pinhole camera lenses
Stooped and haunched aged fast
Un noticed and passed by
No smiles or rapture grasp
Energised positivity escaped and fled
Darkness has become my solemate
Lonely and singular figure
Shadowless impressions pressed
Winged figure casts over head
Dread has consumed as frozen I stand
Excruciating angst haults my movement
Welcome of infinate intentions
Hand placed on my shoulder
Pulls me backwards enveloping all
Whispered words have no comfort
Time till the end quickens
Held here know without comforts
Waisting away freindless and simplified
Un washed of sins before
Dark paths limits cascade always
Angel of depravities calling
I suppose I welcome the company
Pull up a chair unwanted companion
Wait with me as others ignorance shows true
Goodbye I think is the best expletive
…………………..Alone …………………..
Scared but silent


Thoughts run deep
Turmoil and joy entangled
Life speeds by
Consepts and reality jostle
Mind races as thoughts spiral
Depressive lowness quells
The joyfulness of lifes journey
Alone and cold in meek reality
Selections choicefull accelerations

Waiting for the spark
To kindle actions and vitality

Waiting for the comforts glow
To enwrap and engulf the soul

Waiting for the dark to vannish
And free the warmth and light

Waiting for social recognition
Bannishing the woes and evils face

Eternally bannish in solitude
Constantly Waiting for ………………