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Cold morning air
fills the lungs and caresses your face
Quietness Deafens you
as the solitude of the early morning welcomes
The freedom to roam
enthrals and invigorates your soul
Striding out with purpose
at a gentle pace
Filled with contemplation
reflexion of the days and times past
Stresses fall freely
the heart is enriched
As you welcome the dawn
Nature sings and carry’s
a welcome like no other ever before
Start the clean page given
do not falter or wain
For you are alive
free from all and ready to take on the day
Shout good Morning World
and start a new

Peer through the haze
Wipe the sleep from your eyes
Pull back the curtains
With sparkle in your eyes

See not dark dim days
But opportunities coming your way
Stir your cup evigourate life
Fuel yourself for the day ahead

Set foot out the door
Welcome the light
Make purposeful strides on your way
Purchase your papers
With a joyful hello

Spring in the steps
A song in your head
Life ouzes freely from deep inside
Sunlight breaks
Darkness scuttles away

Here comes our brighter day
Tasks fall completed
Appointments and meetings
Fly effortlessly by
Twinkle in your eyes
With strength of pose

Soon to be homeward bound
Work is done no loose ends
Spritefully jaunting down the road
Chatting and sharing as we pass the time
Too our safety and comfort of home we bound
Racing the darkness as night cases on

In cosy comfort we lavish self
Warm welcoming cuppa
Oven warming our culinary  fare
Heating at steady lights set too dim
The crackle of logs and embers ablaze

Peace hath decended
Relaxation acheived
A good book and music
Cleansing the soul
Racing towards slumber
Duvet snuggles of love
Fights with our pillows
Never to be won

Tare my sinues
Scratch my skin
Etch me black and blue
Burn my cortex
By slanderous bile
Push me to the floor
As you hover above
Stand well clear
As the flames do rise
This phoenix with fight in its eyes
Spreading my wing
Full with beauties suprise
Soaring above you
In clarity of sky
Free with my dreams
Outstretched and new
Striding for goals
New and so bold
Your punch bag no longer
Deaf too your spew
I am my hero
Bold, loving and true
From this day forward
I promise to be myself and my spirit
And lay waste to thee


The ghosts of time striding past
As darkness Shrouds the spires in sight
Shadows dance before our eyes
The soldiers,pipers and passers by
Laments hang heavy around our heads
From the pipes so bold
That once we’re held
Beneath our feet subterainian lives
In dwellings cold dark and damp as hell
The poorest people’s full of woe
Grave robbers ,thieves and putrid smells
Sanctioned by classes banished by law
These haunting classes around us throng
The longest mile ever trod
From castle brave too regal abode


Muscles ripple
     Sinues taught
          Sharp of mind
               Broad of shoulder

Set in thought
   True in nature
      Large of heart
         Meek of temper

Faultless in action
   Strong in conviction
      Loving symbiosis led
          Mature and personably seen

I am a man born of flesh
Not without flaws
Armour chinked and dented
Breathing frealy
Of air fresh and clear
Eyes wide open
Peripherals clear and free
The guide of my future
Instruction less grace
For I am Man born of flesh


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You push and harrang
Insult slingers and vocalisations
Profanity and converted pugalist
Retrabutary simulation of baring
Reflections off substance
I am whole
Grown in humility
Educated and selfless
Kind and loving
Respectful of all
Friend or family supportive
Decisive of thought
Maluable and free
Unchained from your shackles
Wearing my scars and marks with pride
I am ,self,confidant,at peace,strong and brave”
Alone with your convictionless being
Wallowing in mire filled angst
Reward for your evils
Retrabution delivered free
No cost to your victims
No illegal behavour committed
My strength and happiness
Are stronger and sharper
Than any sword or weapon
I am the surviver
You are know the victim
Of your selfish ignorances