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The Bell

Posted: August 4, 2016 in Random
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It rings loud

Raising heads glance around

Hearts beat faster

Rythmic din 

Antisipation becons 

Awareness hightens with every ring

We are alive and free

We spring alert and emotive

Leaving our perches

Getting on with lives paused

The Bell tolls and life 


By lights Guide

Rays kiss the earth
Waking stasis’s sleepy nature
Invigorating and enriching life
Sparking the freshness that welcomes all
Embellishing  the sky’s
With its pink hew
Birds strike up their song
And light glints through window pains
Up and at them it SHOUTS
Life is new day has dawned
I will warm you
Driving away cold and despair
With its collective joys
Grasp the day seize chances
By the guide of the light for all