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No reason too
The clouds cover all
No energy for
Darkness spills
Lifeless and void
Expressions painted
Mask firmly adorned
Armour sullen and tainted
Well battered
Hiding from society
Dishevelled and gaunt
No sun shines
No warmth in its glow
This ghostly figure
Floats on by
Did you see me
Probably not
Figment of imaginative magic
Trick of the eye
No mirage
No solace
No normality true
The life of a victim
Twisted by you

The battles and trials
Endelibly imprinted on our soul
We may have strayed
Contorted our truths
Strayed from the path we set out on
Become someone unrecognisable
But humanity does whatever
Neccesary to keep parity
The clarity too see straight
We endure and survive
Built in fight or flight reflex
To keep us complete and level
From the first day till the end
We fight live and compete
With everyone and anything
Providing security for or clan
Families,friends and those closest too
We the embattled
Provide awesome outcomes
Despite of it all we are true
Deliverers within our time scale
No free meals or discounts
For delays or late arrivals
This package is whole and fare
Just carry on living day by day


The light shatters the dark
The faint voices
Distant permeation of the silence
Clambering and stretching
pugilistic attempts
To clear the path ahead
Happiness defiant
Depressiveness dwelling strong
Battle after battle
The voices reach
Slowly increasing volume
Closer to the light
We scramble slow
Pushing and pulling
Our mental state free
From the weight of past
Towards the free range of futures glow


Longing and dreams
Filling my head
Skimming the waters of life
Thinly  sandwiched
Between the depth of dispare
And the darkness of the unknown
No vein of light
To shatter the Dark foreboding
Spread out before me
Trapped deep
Grasped tightly by fears
Two steps forward
Fifty back
This mountain so high
Clambering for the light


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Raising up
With confidant air
Adornd in finery
Brushed up clean
Tasks for the day
Things meant to be

Hey you there
Who do you think you are
Dare you breath
The air next too me
Disfigured and weird
Alien race
Get of the pavement
Hide your disgrace

Dipping of head
Deteriation of soul
Displacing  of feelings
Fear starts to take hold
Want to run
Escape is the plan
Dipresive state close at hand

Grotesk of nature
Elephant man
We’ll make you listen
And do as we ask
By verbal abusiveness
Or violence by hand
We the true people
Will execute the plan

Tears start to flow
The river it flows
Shaking and qwivering
Down to my toes
Rooted to the spot
Blood drains too my feet
Numbness dulls
The beating I take

Take this you freak
Scaring the kids
punch,whack and shove
Baseball bat from above
Kick too the legs
Head chest and ribs
Human football
Come take a kick

Curled in a ball
Prone on the floor
Life seeping freely
Around me it flows
Loud the cracks
Of every shot
When will this torture stop
Names and profanity
Ring loud in my ears
Longer grows my list of fears

Dont let us catch you
Around here again
Next time no warning
And worse it will be
People like you
Should be shot at birth
No where near normal
You belong in the zoo
Get up you scum
Get out of here
Dont call the cops
Every move we can see

Crawl,scrape and limping
Time standing still
Cuts on my body
Open to the world
Stares more intense
Pointing and names
No samaratans to be found
As I pull along the ground
Screaming in silence
Pain racks my brain

Strength of survival
Wains from my heart
Day in and day out
Always the same
Curled in my corner
Safe and alone
Taking the time
To heal, breath and feel
Doors stay locked
Curtains shut
Rock in my chair
Broken and hurt
Is there freedom
Choices I can make
Friends or support could be to late

This is not existance
The way that I feel
No one knows with what I deal
Scared to talk
Not sure they would listen
I am alone
In societies prison
Death row inmate
Waiting in line
Where is understanding
Love,compassion and life