Posted: June 3, 2016 in Random
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Emerald green life filled form
On our limbs we hang around
Parrasol like in canopy’s massed
Pointing down to the grass
Filtration units nature born
In woods and forrests we act as one
A shaded spot,cool for you to rest
A climbing frame or place too nest
We support your lives day to day
We are the structures you build and play
We enliven the world in form and colour
From springs fresh life to autumnal flourish
We leaves and trees grace your space
This planet of ours saving grace
So while your out strolling around
Spare a thought for the lives all around
Treat us well keep us true
Without a thought we care for you.
Never Leaf us from your mind.

  1. “Fozz”!!! Remember me? Great piece “Leaf.” Have you heard of Leo Buscaglia? He wrote, “Freddie the Leaf,” about the cycle of life & death. He wrote many other great books about his Italian-American family & his Mama & Papa & other things, mainly “Love.” He was known as “Dr. Love” for his series of talks on Public Television in the 1970’s & 80’s because he ended each lecture at a podium by inviting up to the stage anyone who needed a hug….That was considered strange back then! He was a professor in the California university system at one of their colleges. In one of his books he tells about divesting himself of all worldly goods & throwing a party filling the floor with autumn leaves for the color & decoration!!! –A free spirit! Best to you & your writing!!! Phil from excuseusforliving.com

    • fozzbloglife says:

      Hey Phil yes I have been following your travels and blog. I have heard of him but not read any of his books yet. I will grab some and give them my attention !!. I am in the process of getting surgery as my operations from 30 years ago have colapsed so my jaw,cheekbone and skull have all moved dramatically. All is good though took a bit of time out from work and writing to relax and take stock . Love to you and family from all here at fozzyville Cumbria UK.

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