Walk free in the clouds

Posted: April 25, 2016 in Random
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Running free no lead to bind
Over Rainbow bridge with space to fly
Painless calm and youthful once more
My heart is broken my peace is gone
My friend,councillor and confidaunt
I smile and sigh with every thought
My sofa is bare where you once were
With all my heart I love you still
And run with you in spiritual bliss
Go in peace live full and fair
I promise to walk with you again some day
Never forget the times we had
The walks in the park and snuggles in bed
My Romeo forever more
Go with love and my hearts open door

(RIP Dophintime red romeo) Romeo
The best and most loyal Irishmen I know xxx

  1. grannyK says:

    So sad to lose a pet. I have been through this many times over my years. Sorry for your loss.

    • fozzbloglife says:

      Thank you so much and yes I have too it don’t get any easier but we have Rusty another Irish setter 9 months and Cooper an English springer spaniel 3 too keep us going 😉 and poetry helps too 😉

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