My Greatest Fear

Posted: March 27, 2016 in Random
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I dread failing
I strive to be the best I can
I fear you make the mistakes I did
I teach you right from wrong
Learned through the year
By being strong enough too take the chances
I lead by example
Scattering crumbs for you too follow
Neon and bright heavy enough to stay put
I fear you are blind too my help
I cringe to think I am not good enough
I take the blame for all indiscretions
Because the ones that should are not strong enough
I fear nothing that happens to me or is brought to my door
Looking into your eyes lost and searching
Answering every call at break neck speed
To save you everytime you fall
I am that punchbag for all your hate and pain
I fear you will fall and I can’t catch you
My only fear is leaving you Un prepared and naked
Too the devilishness of humanity
And not being thier to pull you through
Don’t live in my fear please fly free
Be the best you can be
Without me beside you grow fast learn hard
Never fear I will always love you and be thier for you

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