Posted: January 2, 2016 in Random
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I wish to turn life around
That frown upside down
The dark into light
Night into day
And take all those pains away

I wish for compassion
World peace and acceptance
For health and wealth to those who need
For food,shelter and warmth for all

I wish that those in control
Get punished for thier sins
And that those suffering get freedom
The sun too shine and warm the sky
And nature to be carried by

These are the wishes of a humble man
Who isn’t shy of working hard
Defending the meek
And striking out for the weaker guy
Gentle and strong
Tough but fair
A father,A son and friend so dear

And most of all I Wish You The Best
Whether Friend,Family,Aquaintance or pest
To those who meline or try to distress
I wish for realisation and recompence

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