Let me be your knight

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Random
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The fear shows
Your mask has dropped
The terrors of past
Leap from your face
That golden shroud
Is dull and faded

You breath shallow
Shirk at the least sound
Qwiver perfusely
Slumped in the dark dingy space
Alone in this crowd
Seperated from me
Even though I hold your hand

What torment
Has befell you before
Without a knight too speed you away
I attempt and endevour
To whisk you off
On my steed
Traveling free Heart emblazened
Soul lifted higher than mirk
Smile enelibly etched on your face

I am humble
Work tirelessly and hard
Lavish you with what I have
Give every second that I can
My heart will be yours
Without fault or provication
Till the peace decends
And the happiness takes control
The void befallen you
I wish to Bannish or fill

Be mine
Completely as one
Let our hearts heal each other
Time wash us clean
Cleansing rays of light
Envigour our souls forever
I will love you always
Without question
From a distance if I must
But entertwind together as one
From this day forward
Your knight now and for eternity


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