The last words

Posted: September 8, 2015 in Random
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Carry me off on the wind
Scatter me hither and dither
Free my soul forever more
I have lived free
Fought for choices made
Defended the weak and feeble
Stood ground under adversity
Taken stands for worthwhile causes
Educated and passed on knowledge
Raised my children
In the path of strength and civility
Guided thier growth
Loved without condition
Held my hands out to aid the needy
Lived my life my way
Forsaken the doubters and haters
Survived and thrived
Despite all thier endevours
Life’s pitfalls and strife
Follow my example learn from my mistakes
I may be gone from physicality
But I thrive in the spirit
Of those loved and cherished
Family and friend alike
God speed you all on the journey of life

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