The new direction

Posted: July 8, 2015 in Random
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The wonders of Blogging are amazing so many new friends and like-minded people. Some of us only speak through our blogs other I have had the great fortune to talk too by Skype or phone. There are a few whom I have spent physical time with which was and is awesome. Considering the stretch of the planet we all cover.
My poetry and writing have improved and I really enjoy the whole process. From a trigger to conception of the peace and publishing . Those that know me well will tell you I am a confidant person that is personable and helpful.
So here it is It was suggested that I put my poems in publication which stunned the socks off me. Then today I was asked if I would ever put my story on to paper and publish it so that others may benefit from my abilities and see how things can be turned round.
For this hard-working Scotsman father,husband,trainer,carer,friend,writer,reader,socialite,inspirer and liver of life. It is the most daunting thing ever, how do you choose what pieces too use ?, how do you start putting this information down, would people read it?,what do people want?, who would be offended?,can I do this?, how do I find publishers? And How do I start ? !!!.
I sought advice from a few friends and they all said go for it !!! And I am still struggling to pick,put down and collate.
This publication  will get their and it will be as good as it can be.
Don’t let anything put you off step up be counted and give it 100%.

I will need assistance and prompting from time to time and ideas on the poetry too use would be awesome !!

  1. grannyK says:

    wow, that is exciting! I wish you well on your writing.

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