After an interesting chat with a psychologist friend  of mines. Discussing levers and actions and implementations of the idea.
He is now off to look into a possible application in phycology of the fundamentals ie, force,effort and fulcrum. And the two of us may just come up with an interesting paper on the possibilities and treatment streams.

For example the mental condition,the triggers and treatment/counseling required.

The patient,triggers and treatment/counseling

The patient,triggers and coping mechanics

This too has aspects that directly link to health and wellbeing,fitness and social skills.

Opening up better avenues too work,personal/inter personal interactions,health and wellbeing,social perceptions,achievement and goal setting and many more benefits and improvement steams for general life and living.

Also coping with situations,triggers,actions,outcomes,personalities,conflicts and dimensions and parameters.

So if It could be simplified into three basis load (mental or physical)
Effort (treatment,triggers,problems,situations,weight (mental or physical)
Fulcrum (patient,lever,contact point,central area,contention)

The concept is mind-blowing only a 4 hour chat or so has opened up a concept of wonderous possibility.
As a father of an Autistic child and someone who has both worked and lived with varied mental conditions. I can personally see where this could be employed or introduced into the care provision and teaching for target groups.

This is something to contemplate even for people without physiological issues.
For day to day problems ect and personal goals and target setting.

I am away to type up the report from the meeting and start proper research and investigate possible avenues and uses.
Any input would be greatly appreciated and watch this space .


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