Our Children

Posted: June 1, 2015 in Random
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Wonder bestowed
The miracle of birth
The months of worry
Vanish at once
One vulnerable soul
Naked and fresh
Explodes in to a world
Alien and strange

Tierd and weak
Mother struggles too smile
Tears flood freely
Joy encapsulated inside
Father so masculine
Now a blubbering mess
Fearful of damaging
This delicate frame

To nurture and tend
To their child’s every need
Protector to nurse
discipline and friend
Years of joy
Hardships and pains
Shaping of futures
With knowledge’s guidance
Years of their learning
Past freely too you

Soaking it in
Sponge like and new
Growing so fast
In physical and mental hue
Growing wiser and braver
With every faltering step
New boundaries met
And leapt clean with support
Days and years pass
Each day is a new
On the treadmill off life
Programmed just for you

From new-born to adult
Set you up for life
From infant to student
Teenager to father new
You’ll be our children
No matter how old
We love without condition
The unwritten code
Our blessed offspring
Wonderous and new
Our time and devotion
We bestow freely for you

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