A short adventure (work in progress)

Posted: February 11, 2015 in Random
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Alone and walking through the dark shrouded hovels of this deshevald town. Shutters drawn tight glimpses of flickering candle light peeking from thier edges. Boots and leggings plastered with mud as I drag myself homeward. Waifs and strays litter the ally ways danger lurking in the shadows hidden from societies gaze. It’s only yards to the door but feels like hundreds of miles. The rain beats down and wind howls and blows with icy fingers slapping any bare flesh, making the atmosphere eirie and daunting.Fear hangs heavy on my heart as my pace quickens,as much as these conditions allow.
  At last my front door,drawing it open the warmth of the open fire meets me.Filling the air with tempered welcoming caress, dragging me in defrosting my body and soul and thawing the innerds. Wrenching the sodden over coat from my shoulders tossing it upon the hook pinned to the door. Towel drying my hair and face I fill the cast iron kettle and hang it above the fire. Pull up my rocking chair I squelch down on its well moulded seat. Stripping of my second skin tight shirt and draping it over the fire side bench. The heat invigorates my damp,frozen skin as the colour slowly returns with every second. I pour myself a warming cup of nettle tea and mix my gruel and dates scattered through it.
The wooden bowl welcoming and comforting as it clasps with love the heart warming goodness smiling up at me .
Just as I rest my copper handled spoon back in the cradle of the bowl the door is thrown wildly open. Filling it’s frame now was Algran the captain of the guard and towns protector. Falbraf he screeches, I need to talk too you about a very disturbing matter. Oh Ok (sigh) what’s happened and who has rustled your feathers . Come in and shut the door,pull up a chair. Nettle tea ?, now let’s see what I can do too help.

The northern outpost has been raided by hooded unknowns. All supplies taken dwellings destroyed and women and children captured. What of the garrisoned men , I asked , All killed or badly injured. They have just been carted in through the gates by Malkin the trader.
What sort of weapons were used ? And is there any information that can be gleemed from other injuries?. Skallins has never seen the like before in his 60 years , and wants you too cast your eyes over them and see what you think.
I am no worrior or surgion “I grumbled” but I will come down and cast my eye over the carnage.
Grabbing clean attire and boots tossing them on and grabbing my already dry coat off we went marching towards the main hall.
Pushing open the sodden oak door we entered the hall.Bodies strewn all around tended too by Skallins and his daughters. There were many varied injuries from weird slash like marks to contorted limbs hanging by sinues. “My god” I exclaimed what beasts ravaged these poor souls. Algran gulped I have never seen this before, colour draining from his face. I am away to check the perimeter I will be back soon.
Skallins wanders through the devistation Falbraf my good friend how are you. Your wealth of experience and worldly knowledge may come in useful know. I am only the inn keeper, this is my lively hood and personage. The past indiscretions and travels bare no standing with me. How can I be of service at this time.
Please cast an eye over these poor souls then I will show you the strange things we have found that were brought in with them.
Slowly and carefully I wandered round each casualty taking note of every bruise,cut,scar and mark on their bodies. My heart beating faster with every individual, flashbacks and memories hidden once more flood my mind.
These are not normal weapon marks I exclaimed, there are no consitancies with any armoured brigade I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. What oddities were brought with these pitiful souls ? Can I cast my eye on them know dear friend.
I am taken into the old wine celler where tables have been laid out. Their was a mass of items covering every inch. Gazing at each item in front of me I could feel my colour drain and a chill set over me. Only once before had this feeling adorned me but that was decades ago and they could not still exist, “surely”.
Skallins my friend what is your opinion in these things. He turned to face me sullen and gray eyes shrouded in fear, he didn’t need to say anything for I knew what was on his mind as was on mine.


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