No picture Just Words

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Random
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We often match or comply
Actions, words and reactions
To what ever the situations surround us
Defying our intentional inspiration
Defiling our true ability
Marring our wondrous imagination
Following the expected like sheep
Daunted and shackled never straying
The individualistic tendencies strain
Praying for release into freedoms path
Allowance for expresitory interpritations
Our own beauty, power, strengths and ability
Will undoubtedly flourish
Despite the chains of social propriety
Mirror our selfishness inbuilt and true
Pathways pre determined before birth
Awakend and mapped with growth
Who are they to alter our destiny
With their false pictures, ideals, notions and failed attempts of change
We are who we are meant too be
One and all alive


  1. shaunynews says:

    You NEVER did Poetry before you came here 😀

    Good btw…Surprisingly good

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